6th Grade Survival

A guide to help you strive through 6th grade


Welcome incoming 6th grader!

Don't worry! Middle school isn't as bad as you might think it is, I promise. There are a lot of rumors about middle school that aren't true. It's actually going to be one of the best three years of your life... well, with my tips. I have come up with some great tips and hacks that will help you slide right through 6th grade and middle school in general.


Locker Decorations

Locker decorations seem to be so talked about before you actually get your locker. Whether you see people that have the coolest locker ever, or you watch videos to wish that you had the most radical locker, or you just want your locker to be goals, you still don't need to get cool locker decorations. If you really want to have a little pizzazz in your locker, I suggest to just get a mirror or something little like that. I mean, you don't want your hair looking like you just got struck by lightning. You don't want your mascara to be smudged without knowing about it, do you? A mirror is always a good thing to have in your locker whether you are a girl or a boy.
Back To School Locker Organization & DIY Decorations | Tumblr Inspired!

Much Needed Supplies

You could get 100 pencils at the beginning of school and run out by the end of the first semester. Pencils are a thing that you will need a lot of. I would highly recommend not getting the cool expensive mechanical pencils. Why? Everyone will want it, and pencils are one of those things that seem to disappear, if you are like me. Don't get me wrong, mechanical pencils are good, but I wouldn't recommend the cool expensive ones. The cheaper ones are better because you can get more for your money. Also, something that you don't have to get, but I would recommend is colored pens. Not like red, blue or black. But all of the colors of the rainbow. I know it sounds lame at first, but pens can help you color code your classes and keep you organized. All you have to do is chose a color for each class and write down the assignments with that color. You can have fun with it. Be creative! You will definitely want to be organized.

Tips and Tricks

How to get up early

-Plan an exciting breakfast so you can look forward to it.

-Turn off your phone and put it across the room even though it might be hard.

-Put your alarm across the room so you have to get up to turn it off. (Trust me, it works.)


-25 minutes of hard studying

-5 minute break

Getting to know your schedule

Take a picture of your schedule and set it as your lock screen on your phone or whatever device you have. That way, you see it every time you turn on your phone. Then, you start to memorize it.

Improving your memory

Chew the same piece of gum that you studied with when you take your test. It helps you remember it better.

Strike System

What are strikes?

Strikes are ways of helping you understand what you're needing to improve.

How do they work?

You get 10 strikes. If you get 7, then you have to call home. It goes up from there, in a bad way. Once you get 10 strikes, you are out of the fun reward. You can get a strike if you aren't prepared. For example, if you didn't charge your chromebook, then you will most likely get a strike. It is pretty self explanatory, so you will easily figure it out.

Are there rewards?

Yes, there are rewards. They are very fun. When I was in 6th grade, we did 6th grade olympics. We did all sorts of fun sports. Even if you don't like sports, you are sure to have fun. But, if you got 10 strikes you will not get to attend the fun. With that being said, make sure you are following the rules and the 3 R's.

Social Tips

Being "That" Kid

There is always that one kid that is asking you for a pencil or asking for gum. You don't want to be that kid. Nobody likes it. Buy your own gum, because you will definitely want it. Also, like I said earlier you will need a lot of pencils so you won't have to ask other people for them.

Don't be rude

It is very easy to be rude to someone. You can do it without even knowing. I'm telling you, you need to be more aware of it in middle school. There is a lot more consequences. Be nice to everyone, even if they might not be your favorite. Compliment them whenever you get a chance.

Hallway Behavior