Middle School Teacher

Career Description:

Middle school teachers educate students who are in sixth through eighth grade.They help students build on what they learned in elementary school and prepare them for more difficult lessons. In order for them to succeed in high school.


  • Plan lessons
  • Track the progress of their students
  • Grade assignments
  • Communicate with other teachers and parents
  • Work with individual students about their weaknesses and help them overcome them
  • Prepare students for the standardized tests required by the state
  • Create and enforce classroom rules
  • Supervise students inside the classroom as well as outside

Educational Requirements:

  • Required- to have at least a Bachelor's degree
  • Some schools require that you major in what you are teaching
  • Required-to take teacher preparation classes and do student teaching
  • Required-to have taken classes in education and child psychology
  • Required-Teaching certificate/ License
  • Required-General teaching certification test
  • Required-to complete annual professional development classes to keep their license.
  • Required- to pass a background check

Skills Required:

Communication skills-Teachers must be able to collaborate with other teachers to create lesson plans and to track the progress of their students.They have to collaborate in order to give enough attention/ build activities for students that have special needs. Also they need to be able to discuss with parents so the student's needs are met and they can succeed in school.

Instructional skills- They need to be able to explain concepts to students in a way that students can easily understand. Also they need to be able to get students engaged in learning and adapt lessons to each student’s needs.

Patience- Since you are working with students of different abilities, you must be patient when students struggle with material. Patience is also needed to handle students that disrupt class time.

Job Outlook:

Employment of middle school teachers is expected to grow by 17 percent by 2020.

Median Salary:

The median annual wage of middle school teachers is $51,960

Teaching is a demanding, yet rewarding profession.

Good teachers practice their craft not for the money or because they have to, but because they truly enjoy it and because they want to. Good teachers couldn't imagine doing anything else.


My goal is to go to Illinois State University and major in Elementary Education. I would also like to teach for a while in the United states but once I get enough experience and meet the requirements I want to teach abroad in many different countries around the world. The subject I would like to teach is English.