Ultimate Basketball

This game is made for grade 6 students and up. The purpose of this game is to get lot’s of exercise, work on your basketball skills and have fun.


All you need is many basketballs as there are people.

Safety Concerns

While playing this game, the players must be careful of the basketballs that are being thrown all around the gym.

Set Up

The only set up that this game needs is to split the class into 6 groups (one group per basketball net) About 4 people in a group.

How To Play

1. First, every person that is playing must have a basketball, and each group choose one basketball net to start at.

2. Next, when the teacher says to go, all of the group's shoot at their net until someone gets it in, you are allowed to shoot from anywhere around the net.
3. After that, the whole group gets possession over their ball and waits for another group to finish.
4. Then, the two people who won in both of the groups go to one of the nets and they wait for the rest of the groups to finish while the remaining people who got out on the first round go to an empty net and they can practice dribbling, shooting, passing or they can start a small game of bump while staying in their area.
5. Next, after all six groups finish the first round, there should now be only three groups of two, at three of the nets and the people who are out now have the other half of the court, thy can cheer the winning players on and watch, but still must be staying active in some way. (example: dribbling)
6. After, when the teacher says go, the six people who are still in, shoot against each other until the first three people in each group get it in.

7. Then, when there are only three people left on the court the first two people who got it in go against each other and the winner of that round will go against the last person.
8. Lastly, after one of the last two players gets the shot in they are the winner of Ultimate Basketball!!!
In conclusion, now that you have learned to play Ultimate Basketball, you can practice your basketball skills and maybe be the next winner!!!