Is football too risky ?

Jennifer Laguardia

Advantages and Disadvantages of playing football

"Slant",young athletes should consider playing football.Over the last few years,concussions have led to long lasting injuries,according to a Scope article,”In milder cases, athletes can be left with lifelong pain,memory lapses,aggression, depression,personality changes,and many other issues.”Football can occasionally be one of the most unpredictable sports due to all the damages that it can bring to someones life.In addition to that,young athletes can also learn life skills in the sport of football such as teamwork skills and discipline.

Emergency Departments:

Injuries over the last few years have been so severe that they have led many to emergency departments.As reported by Amir Khan for Us:News,"Between 1997 and 2007 the number of emergency departments visits for concussion has doubled between 8 and 13 year old's,and tripled for older youth.”Many kids visit the emergency departments every year due to many sports but most of the children are lead to those rooms due to football and the practice level that it requires.In addition,in a recent article from Orlando Orthopedic Center,it clearly states that,”More than 248,000 children visited hospital emergency departments in 2009 for concussions and other traumatic brain injuries related to sports and recreation.”In other words,many children visit the hospital every year,but the the most common reason that young adults and children visit the emergency departments is due to sports.Lastly,many children and young adults are led to emergency rooms due to sports,such as football.

A little more information:


Many individuals should think twice before playing football.Football like many other sports can lead many children to emergency rooms.Even though this is true,athletes have to work hard to stay in the game and in the process injuries of all kinds can happen.Football can often be known as the most dangerous game to play.