Day Of The Dead

Includes History,celebration,and Decorations

This paper is about Day Of the Dead and its cultural dances, decorations, celebrations, and their history.


The day of the dead started in Mexico on November 1st and ended November 2nd.The day is to remember the people that died and they celebrate it for 2 days. They dress in a cultural outfits to dance and celebrate to the people that died. On November 1st they celebrate the dead children and on November 2nd they celebrate the adults that died. This day is sort of like Halloween because they celebrate and dance.


They celebrate by painting their faces like skulls and making sugar skull which is a candy shaped skulls and they dance for other people. People play music, dance, sing, and say things to their loved ones that died they say it in the two days.


They decorate their faces to look like skulls and they paint it with a lot of colors. They decorate the graves, because they want the people who died to celebrate too. They also sell, eat, and make sugar skulls for the celebration so every one has a tasty treat.


The Mexicans eat sugar skulls which is a candy shaped skull, tamales which is wrapped corn dough, candied pumpkin which is a cooked pumpkin, and hot cocoa which is sweet not spicy.

By: Mikayla Mansanas