Brain Cancer

By: Robert B. (A2 3/2/15)

What is Brain Cancer?

Brain cancer is caused by malignant tumors in the brain. Tumors are created by abnormal growth of cells in the body. Not all tumors are cancerous though. Anyone can have this type of cancer, and the mortality rate is usually higher than the survival rate. The disease is non-communicable (You can’t catch it), it is also treatable. The diagnosis are usually correct and there are different methods of treating it.

Ten Facts About Brain Cancer

  1. Are caused by tumors in the brain, there are many types of tumors not all tumors are cancerous

  2. Cancerous tumors grow in size and can overpower the other healthy cells in the brain

  3. In the United States, 6 out of 1000 people are affected by brain and nervous system cancer

  4. Some types of brain cancer occur when one brain cell transforms from their normal characteristics, those cells can multiply which can create a brain tumor

  5. The exact cause of brain cancer is unknown, genetic factors, various external toxins, radiation to the head, HIV infection, and cigarette smoking has been indirectly linked to the cause of brain cancer

  6. Definition ( “Cancer of the central information processing center of the body. Tumors in the brain can be malignant or benign, and can occur at any age. Only malignant tumors are cancerous. Primary brain tumors cancer initially forms in the brain tissue. Secondary brain tumors cancers are cancers that have spread to the brain tissue (metastasized) from elsewhere in the body. Secondary brain cancer is named for the organ or tissue in which the cancer begins, such as lung cancer with secondary brain metastasis.”

  7. Many times to diagnose brain cancer, you have at CT Scan, doctors inject you with harmless dyes that go through your bloodstream to show problems.

  8. Sometimes it is a MRI Scan; which has more precise way of identifying the tumor in the brain, most places still use CT scan as first diagnosis.

  9. Some symptoms are headaches, weakness, clumsiness, difficulty walking and seizures.

  10. Most treatment is chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Five Ways to Maintain or Improve Your Health

  1. If you notice that you have the symptoms listed above, talk to your doctor

  2. If you have been diagnosed with brain cancer, discuss your option of chemo and radiotherapy

  3. Have tests if you exhibit any of the symptoms

  4. If you pass the test, still watch for symptoms

  5. If you still exhibit the symptoms after your MRI or CT Scan, discuss what your options are with your doctor


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