Whoosh! A Blizzard is Coming!

By: Grace Medina and Meghan McCobb

How are Blizzards Formed?

Do you know how blizzards are formed? For a blizzard to be able to form it needs 3 components. One is high winds, Another is visibility, and the last one is it needs to be snowing for 3 hours. The high winds need to be greater than 35 mph. so there will be very fast winds blowing through the air. The visibility has to be less than a quarter of a mile so you can not see very much down the neighborhood. Also the high winds and low visibility need to go on for at least 3 hours for it to be a blizzard. If it is not at least 3 hours then it would be something else smaller than a blizzard.Next time you see it snowing check if there are 3 components if there are you have a blizzard!

Where blizzards are found?

Do you know where blizzards are found commonly? Blizzards can occur all over the USA, but they are usually found in Canada, Russia, South Dakota,Texas,and Far East Maine. Also North Central or Northeastern parts of the United States and sometimes Alaska. Blizzards can also be found on mountains like Mount Washington and Mount Rainer. Before you go to one of these places check the weather and be prepared.

How do you stay safe in a blizzard?

Staying safe in a blizzard is important, so here are some tips! You should protect you body if you go outsideby putting thick gloves, hats, scarfs, jackets, boots, snow pants, and face masks so you do not get frostbite. Also you should put new batteries in your flashlight in case there is a power outage. Make sure you have emergency supplies like food, water, flashlights, or anything else you will need. Also make sure you have enough blankets and pillows. Another tip is do not travel during a blizzard unless it is an emergency. Make sure you stay safe by following these tips!