Students Created Their Own Weebly Web Pages!

Why Create a Web Personal Web Page?

This year, students spent time learning how to create their own personal educational web pages. The creation of each student's web page provided opportunities to be creative, work collaboratively - as they gave each other feedback on how to improve their web pages. Along with using critical thinking skills as they learned how to manage their own information and determine how best to present it to their audience.
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What's Included on Their Websites?

Students created tabs for each subject that they have in school. Then, students could load pictures of projects, iMovies, Educreation videos, or any other type of digital documentation of all of the work that they did in fifth grade.

A Digital Time Capsule

These websites will provide students with a digital time capsule of what they accomplished in fifth grade. This is something they can save to share with their children some day. As time passes, it is so easy to forget all of the wonderful and amazing creations they made in school. This website will showcase their learning and bring them back to the school year of 2014-2015.

A Great Way To Connect Parents With School

How many parents have asked their child what they have been doing at school and received the reply, "Oh, nothing!" This digital website is such a great way for parents to pop out and view their child's accomplishments and feel really connected to the daily activities at school. This digital website is also an incredible way for students to share with their parents at parent teacher conferences what they have been working on.