The Founding Nation of Canada

French Settlement and English settlement

French settlement

Why did the French come to Canada?- 1000 of people imigragted to Canada. These people were fur trader and servent member of the military, farmers and wamen sent by the king to help populate the county.

When did the French first arrive/Where was the first French settlement what is it called today- The first permant Eurpean settlement was at port royal in the year of 1605, Quebec City in 1608 for fur trading Qubec city is a city in Qubec and port royal is anatinal historic site in Nova Scotia.

What,when and why did the French contribute to Canada The French came in Canada till the 16th century and onwards till that period the French have contribute lot's of useful things Canada, gave us land 22 '/. Percent of Canada is currently in Qubec furthermore they payed taxes the French where the first to start the fur trading process they brand Canada money and knowing beaver lived In Canada they brand warmth to the northern part of Canada fur and warmth. They also shared fire power. The French contributed to Canada because at the time British government was takeing over candad included Qubec so by supporting Canada the French would have freedom

English settlement

Which other group of people were in Canada during the time New France was being established. - The people were in Canada during French was being created are viking, Acadain, merchent and soilder.

What do you know about the English who were in Canada at the time.

In 1755 the English began expel the Acadians.

Where- The Acadains people lived on Nova Scotia land since the founding of port royal in 1604. They estamblished a tall building to protect the rich land and houses around the Bay of Fundy to keep the rash waves out.

Why- Governor Charles Lawernce was prepared to take drastic action,he saw the Acadain question as a strictly military matter. After Fort Beausejour was destroyed by the English forces in June 1755Lawrence saw 270 Acadains he wanted them to join the military but they refused. In the meeting with Acadain in July 1755 in Halifax , Lawernce told them to a oath of allegiance to Braitan when they refused, he imprisoned them and gave the order for deportation.

What- Lawrence had a strong evidence from the resent immigrants from New England who also shared land with Acadians. On Friday September 5 1755 all gathered in Grand-Pre church, all year from 10 years and up for a special announcement The massage that was read was "That your land and tenement castle of all kinds and like stocks of all sorts are forfeited to the crown with all others your money and household goods, you yourself will be removed from te province."