Texas Road-Trip

Day 1: Waco

Waco's downtown-historical site

In Waco the first place I stop to visit is the Cameron park zoo. It was probably the best zoo I went so far. It still has the same animals but there's something better about it. I learned so much about the animals over there.The next place I went to is the Armstrong Browning library. The climate was nice and windy. This library had thousands of books of history and different types of articles.The next place I visit in Waco was the Texas ranger hall of fame and museum. I learned so much there like the rangers stats and the best thing is that it is quiet. The last place i am going to visit is The Texas collection. The Texas collection is a special library, archival research center, and the university Archive that collects, preserves,and provides access to materials documenting the history, heritage and culture of Texas for the Baylor community and the public.

Day 2: San Antonio

San Antonio Alamo and climb enchanted rocks-historical and cultural site

In San Antonio my day started off good. The climate is hot and dry and sometimes there's barely any rain. So the first place I went is to San Antonio Alamo. The Alamo begins in the early 1800's Texas tried to defend it by the Spanish, Texas most pride solder is David Crockett and he died from protecting the Alamo. He is known from is bravery and is Technic. More than 150 Texans died in the Texan mission. Enchanted rocks- Legend goes that the native American Warriors were killed there and still haunt the rock along with a tribe princess. Whether the ghost are there is up for debate,but there's no question about the majestic beauty of the granite formation that peaks 425 feet above the ground.
Alamo Tour (Texas Country Reporter)

Day 3: Abline

Family enertantment

Day 3 and my day got better cause of the rainfall. It rain 2 inches. The first place I visit was the family entertainment center. Its a great place to visit. You can eat pizza,hamburgers,and other foods. The activity's they have is bowling, mini golf, batting cages, go carts, laser tag and much more. My favorite activity is laser tag cause the room is huge and you can kneel and prone down. Also the mini golf is awesome cause the courses are big and the obsicals are tricky.
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Awsome buildings-historical sites

The first building I went to in ablien is pine street shootout, this place is a historical district achieved by it's rules and laws. One of the laws was it is illegal to shoot a firearm in a city on, on January 8th 1884 Frank colons an Abilene city Alderman and his brother Walter, a Taylor county Deputy sheriff entered a bar on pine street and an argument started with the owner of the bar over the new ordinances. Another famous building is the Veteran memorial, Ablien has one of my favorite veteran memorial anywhere. Can see the tension and fatigue on the face of the soldier and I rally like the stylized American eagles. They also have walls dedicated to the two world wars and some commemorating local units and individuals.

Day 4: Fort worth

Forth worth water gardens-natural site

The Forth Worth Water Gardens is a beautiful and refreshing oasis. Designed by Phillip Johnson, the Fort Worth water Gardens is an architectural and engineering marvel to be enjoyed any time of the year. Visitors can experience a variety of water features of water features as they wander through this relaxing urban park. This place is a beautiful thing thing to look at. This is something you must see in Fort Worth. Its nice,clean and relaxing.It makes you fell like your in Hawaii under a waterfall. Its wonderful cause it is a good place to get away from the heat you just stroll down past the conviction center and you will see it from there.
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My Son And I Went Fort Worth Water Gardens

Chisholm trail mural in sundance square,fort worth-cultural site

Downtown's most iconic public art, the Chisholm trail mural serves as a reminder of fort worth's rich cultural roots. This three-story Richard has trompe l'oeil mural spans the 1908 mural commemorates the Fort Worth segment of the Chisholm trail cattle drives of 1867-1875. Much of the buildings surface is part of the mural. Close examination reveals that the artist has painted the illusion of mosaic tile, windows, vertical columns and other architectural details. Although the mural was completed less than 25 years ago, it has become a popular tourist attraction and is one of the more photographed images of fort worth.
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Day 5: