Daniels Story

By: Silas Perkins

Comparison Daniel vs Anne

Anne and Daniel are similar because they are both very rambunctious and Outgoing and can be a little wild sometimes. They both look for all the good anyone has in them witch is really great characteristic. They are different in the facts that Daniel is a boy and Anne is a girl, and Anne is much more emotional where as Daniel hides his emotions. Daniel is also very hesitant to express his love for Rosa because it might get him in trouble where as Anne goes gawk eyed over peter.

Pivotal Action

Near the end of the story Daniel and his father and several other camp rebels revolt against the Nazis and take over the concentration camp this is a very pivotal event in his life because if he had not revolted he may have never been able to gain his freedom from the iron Nazi grasp. I think that motivation to survive caused Daniel to take this action, it may be the most important one of his life.