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Notes From Mrs. Hamp

  • Thank you for filling out the survey I sent home. I received a lot of helpful information and will make a few minor adjustments after fall break.
  • PLEASE REMEMBER TO TURN IN YOUR SIGN INFORMATION PAGE FROM THE OFFICE THIS WEEK. These sheets came home this week and the office just needs to make sure all emergency contact information is up to date and phone numbers are correct. Please return the sheet signed even if there are no changes.
  • A book order will not be coming home this month due to the Book Fair that will be going on during conferences the week of October 5 - 9.
  • Friday I sent home a packet of multiplication practice with your child. This is not an assignment and is only for your child to practice their facts. As the year moves on, it is very important that they are able to do basic multiplication in their head and not rely on a chart to help.
  • Field day is on Thursday. Please remind your students to wear tennis shoes and bring a bottle of water for the afternoon activities.
  • If your child is doing Razzamatazz, they will be meeting on Wednesday, September 30 @8:00 AM

What are we learning this week?

Spelling: Latin Prefixes: Con-, Com-, Co-

Math: This week we will be focusing on division. Friday we reviewed terms that we can associate with division. Throughout the week we will be using what we have learned about estimation and compatible numbers to help up solve division problems. We will also be able to explain our thought process on word problems and practice division with remainders.

Reading and Writing: This week we will use strategies we have learned to create Jot thoughts for books we read and videos we watch. We will also use our understanding of the food web to lead out meaningful discussions with peers. We will learn how to evaluate our peers discussion, as well as, write a review of our own participation in those groups. We will also read articles and practice text marking to help us understand main points and details within the text.

Vocabulary: Invasive, Impact, and debate

Spelling list

Rule: Latin Prefix: Con, Com, and Co

Prefix Meaning: together with

combative, combine, comforted, committee, community, communicate, company, concert, connect, coauthor, coexist, coincide

Mark Your Calendars

October 1: Field Day from 2:00 - 3:35

October 2: Early Release

October 6 & 8: Parent Teacher Conferences

October 5-9: Book Fair

Picture of the week

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Enjoying a nice book in a cozy little spot.