Places to visit in the West

By Brooke


Disneyland is in Aneheim county California. It is a theme park with hundreds of rides to occupy you for months. Some of my favorite rides there are Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Expedition Everest all of them are roller coasters. There is also a scavanger hunt there in which you try to find all of the hidden Mickeys there at the park for fun.

Whale Watching

At Morro Bay in California tourists can see many whales at their whale watching site. Hundreds of tourists cram in the pier to see the whales blowing water out of their blow hole a hundred meters away.
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The Secret Beach

This secret beach is actually called Hamoa Beach. From black lava cliffs, swaying palm trees, and a half moon of salt and pepper sand Hamoa Beach has it all. And to add on to its wonder almost nobody comes because it is hidden behind the lava cliffs.
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Sierra Nevada Mountain Range

The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range is mostly in East California. The mountain Mt. Whitney rises to 14,495 ft. making it the tallest mountain in America (not counting Alaska).
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Death Valley

Death Valley is the lowest point in America! It is a staggering 285 feet below sea level. The average rainfall per year there is 2 inches and some years it dosent rain at all! Did you know that Death Valley is home to more than 1000 species of plants and more than 50 of those are endemics, found nowhere else in the world.
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Horseshoe Canyon

Horseshoe Canyon is a detatched part of Canyonland National Park in Utah. The Canyon is well known for the occupants called the Anasazi and the Archaic Indian Tribes. They wrote and drew different animals and people. Later in the Late 19th century and the early 20th centery Butch Canyon passed through the canyon and in the early 20th centery many farmers raised cattle there.
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