April Newsletter

Lizabeth Scott

What's up?

Hello everyone,

Liz here, I have some big news for you. The second book in the Hearts of Gold series, A Star for Annie is currently live on some ebook retailers. I can hear you cheering now.

Hopefully, all will be live by 4.1.15.

All links are posted on my webpage at: www.lizabethscottbooks.com

Here's a few facts you may like to know:

1. Annie is my longest story to date and is being published on my birthday! 4.1.15.

2. The reason it is so long is because I fell in love with Annie and Carter and didn't want to leave them.

3. Carter is very loosely based on a very famous singer with the first name of "Garth". Yeah, you know who I'm talking about. His unselfish dedication to his children made such an impact on me, at the time it happened, till today when he is finally getting back into the music scene. I knew that was the type of man Carter had to be. But it takes him a while to get there.

4. The name Sylva Ann Gold was really thought up by my husband. I knew I wanted to play around with their names. Mary Gold came first while I was digging in my flower patch. I don't call it a garden, it's a patch. Then came Rose. Well, because it's obvious. I tried to make silver and gold work and that was when my hubby popped in with the perfect answer.

5. A Star for Annie is my sixth book since Sweet Surrender from the Royal Vow Series was published on 4.1.14. Yep, that's six books in one year. Geeze, no wonder I need new glasses!

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I can't believe it's here!

Not only am I celebrating the release of A Star for Annie, it's also my birthday! Nope, I will not tell you which one.

So, let's celebrate!

I've been sitting on this surprise for a while now, and if you know me, you know I don't do secrets well. I wanted to tell ya'll so bad.

Grand prize is... (insert drum roll here)

An Official Carter Ryan World Storm Tour 2015 T-shirt! Just like they wear on the "tour". (see shirt below)

There will be three grand prizes given away. My contest, so I make the rules. LOL.

This contest will be easy peasy, and will help me, as I try to climb the illusive romance writers ladder of ranking. It's all about earning ways to have your "name" in a hat. Yes, I actually mean I will put your name in a hat. Crazy, right? Low tech all the way.

Here's how you play.

1. Subscribe at: www.lizabethscottbooks.com = 1 name in hat

2. Like my Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/LizabethScottAuthor = 1
name in hat

3. Share my Facebook page = 1 name in hat

4. Comment on a Facebook post = 1 name in hat

5. Follow me on Twitter @LScottBooks = 1 name in hat

6. Write a review for any of my books, hopefully A Star for Annie, and email me the name of the platform your review is on with the link. I don't want to know your review name, just the platform you used = 10 names in hat. Yes, 10 whole times your name will be put in the hat.lizabeth@lizabethscottbooks.com. You can even review multiple books! :)

Other than #1 above you can enter as many times as you want, and yes I will keep up with all of it. It's up to you. You can have it your way.

Check my website and Facebook on 4.10.15 and see if you've won! I will also announce winners on Facebook.

This is exciting, right?! Contest starts as soon as A Star for Annie reaches your ebook. So get ready! Set! Go!

Facebook is not associated with this contest in any way.

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I have three books I'm currently working on.

One I'm working on is the third and final book of the Hearts of Gold Series, A Cowboy for Mary. Ohh, ya'll get ready, cause you will not believe all Mary has going on. All I will say is, looks can be deceiving. I already have a favorite line in the book, but dang it, I can't tell ya! I'm hoping for an early summer release. Fingers crossed.

The fourth book of the Royal Vow series, Sweet Temptation needs some final tweaking. Emails and Facebook inquires show that ya'll want me to kick this one into high gear and get it out to you sooner rather than later. I hear you, I really do. I have a hard time letting go. I will miss this family, but I think you will be pleased at how everything wraps up. I hope this will be out in the Fall of 2015. Fingers and toes crossed.

The third book I am working on is going to be a bit different from anything else I've written. At least right now, in my mind it is. It's going to be a progression through childhood to adult with many peaks and valleys in between. I'm having such a ball writing it. It's hard to make myself stop and go back to the other two. Sorry!

As you can see I have LOT'S on my plate and even more ideas that keep floating around in my head.

Thank you again for going along on this ride with me. It has been wild, scary, and amazing since I wrote the first word and wondered what in the world I was doing! I have found many truly amazing folks in the writing community that have generously and selflessly, shared and guided me in the direction I needed to be. Even when I was kicking and screaming. I can never thank you enough!

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A Cowboy for Mary

Coming Summer 2015

Never in her life had Mary Gold met such an infuriating man. He rode up on his horse and saved her from expiring on the long deserted road to Able, Texas. What started off as a dream soon turned into a nightmare when the rude man used every opportunity to insult her. If he didn't want to have anything to do with her, why did he keep coming around!

Mary was on to his playboy ways and she wasn't interested in anything he had to offer. Well, if he offered. Which he wasn't.

Ethan knew her kind and he was through with relationships. Period. There was nothing tempting about the addled woman he found sun burnt and dehydrated on the side of the road. No matter how hard he tried to convince himself of that, it just wasn't working. The best thing for him to do was to send her back where she came from. Far, far, away from him!

The fly in the ointment was...appearances could sometimes be deceiving.