Fennec Fox

Some of the changes that they went through

Ears (Structural change)

Fennec Foxes are known for their ears, which can grow up to 6 inches, 1/4 of their body length. Having these huge ears is a great advantage for the animal because they help the animal hear insects and rodents in the dirt. Also the huge ears help to dissipate heat so that the animal can stay cool. This is a structural change because its to the body of the fox

Nocturnal (Behavioral change)

Fennec Foxes are nocturnal. This means that they sleep in the day and go out at night. They do this because the dessert sand can get very hot during the day, and a lot cooler at night. This is a behavior change because they changed from going out to day to going out at night.

Fur (Structural change)

Fennec Foxes have thick, sandy fur that reflects sunlight. this fur can keep the animal cool in the day and warm during the night. These foxes have fur over their paws so the burning hot sand cant burn their paws. This is considered a structural change because its a change to the animals body

kidneys (structual change)

Fennec Foxes have kidneys that are designed to keep water in and keep the animal hydrated. In the desert, there is little to no water, so these foxes have to live off the little water they get, or sometimes the moisture in the food they eat. This is considered a structural change because its to the animals body
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