Movies & Current Events

Take your English skills to the next level!

MCE Spring/2014

Movies & Current Events (MCE) is an elective class for motivated Gachon University students who wish to take their English speaking and presentation skills to the next level.

In this course, you will share current events in the global context and then in their more local and personal form. That is, you will explore global events and how they affect your world, and later share how local events affect your daily life.

You will practice sharing in small groups and present as a group to the whole class. Later you will take it to the next level and present your own story to the class, as well as design and submit a digital record of your personal story.

The class is designed to help you develop your English language proficiency in a socially relevant setting with practice in all four language skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Most importantly, you will gain greater self-confidence in yourself and your ability to effectively express yourself in English.

A little about the class....

MCE Intro video2

A little about your instructor...

My name is Gregory S. Lewis and I am from Canada. Please call me Greg.

I have been a professor at Gachon University since September, 2009, and before that I worked for a Korean company training EFL teachers in cities throughout Korea including Daegu, Busan, and Seoul.

I have taught the following classes at Gachon University;

  • Academic English 2,3, and 4 (credit) - listening/speaking
  • Speaking Practice 1 (credit)
  • Movies and Current Affairs (credit)
  • Intensive Pronunciation Clinic
  • Intensive English Conversation (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Reading Strategies (English Immersion Camp)
  • Drama (English Immersion Camp)

I have participated in the following activities at Gachon University;

  • Hosted student organized activities (i.e.; TEDxKyungwonU, July/2011)
  • Mentor for student organized groups (i.e.; OPIc, Fall/2012)
  • Co-host of Gachon Golden Bell (Fall/2012, Spring and Fall/2013)

If I am not teaching English or in my office, I can be found carving something new in the stone sculpture studio up the hill from the GILC.

Required Textbooks


: )

*Please note that final grades are subject to a grading curve.

Participation and Assignments

This class is all about participation and learning together as a community of learners. You will be expected to complete and turn in assignments on time, actively interact with classmates and the instructor, participate in group work, and practice speaking in front of an audience. English only is encouraged for the duration of the class period.


There are no formal written exams in this course. Students will select and develop topics of interest for one group presentation and one individual presentation. The individual presentation will also be recorded by the student as a digital artifact. Students will also submit a written script for each major presentation.

*For more information, see the grading scheme pie chart above.

Voicethread (VT)

What is voicethread?

Voicethread is an online tool that we will use to share and comment on stories and ideas generated in the class. You will be expected to comment on 4 voicethreads during the term and finally, you will create your own voicethread to take with you where ever you go in your life.

Here is a link introducing voicethread. Note: You will need speakers or ear buds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will we watch movies in class?

A: No. We will not be watching movies or TV shows in this class.

Q: What will we do in each class?

A: We will watch a few short TEDtalks and the professor will give a few lectures. Mostly you will be discussing and sharing your presentation topic ideas with groups of other students. You will also be practicing presentation styles and techniques.

Q: Do I have to be good at English?

A; Being good at English will make the class easier, however, many students who take this course are freshman students who are less proficient than other students. I have found that ALL students improve their English proficiency by the end of this class IF they are motivated and participate.

Q: Will I fail if I am not good at English?

A: See above. The most important thing is participate.

Q: I'm very shy. Should I take your class?

A: YES! The best thing about this class is how students help each other. Students who think they are too shy but stay have the most improvement by the end of the course and seem to enjoy the class the most!

Contact Information

During the term you can send me an email, text me, phone me, or use Kakaotalk. My office is in the GILC, room 311.