Cohen Scoggins

My Family

I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

I live with my Mom and my step-dad.

My real dad has been married 3 times.


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I tend to be angry

I like to succeed

I like tell others when I succeed


IAR- Anthropologist, Biophysicist, and Geneticists

Myers/ Briggs

INTP- Anthropologist, Archaeologist, and Zoologist


Some of my skills include; Math, reading skills, and my ability to stay loose in tense situations.

Some jobs relating to these skills include chemical engineering and physics.

Multiple intelligence

my top intelligence was kinesthetic. Careers that match this include;

  • athlete
  • surgeon
  • doctor of sports
My next intelligence was Musical. Careers for this include;

  • conductor
  • musician
  • music teacher


Three of my life values include;

  • Faith
  • Fitness
  • Health
Some work values are;

  • Accuracy
  • Hard work
  • Professionalism

Career Cluster

My top career cluster is Hospitality & tourism. Careers for this cluster include;

  • athlete
  • sports competitor
  • sports official
My next career cluster is Education and training. Careers include;

  • coach
  • Biological science teacher
  • Writer/ author


I enjoy a activities such as Quiz Bowl, Band, and Track in school, and Baseball out of school

Ways to Improve

I wish to improve my speech and my decision making skills

Quotes relating to me

"Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up" Rocky Balboa

"Beauty begins the moment you start being yourself" Coco Chanel

"They laugh at me because i'm different, I laugh at them because

they're all the same" Kurt Cobain

Things in a lifetime

Attend Rice university

Play Major league baseball

Teach biology (college level)

Go to every MLB park in the US and Canada

Play at every MLB park in the US and Canada