Apps that can rock your classroom!

Mobile Learning!

Isn't asking students to keep their cellphones away a bit archaic? If you're feeling like cellphones, iPods, and all sorts of mobile devices have become such a part of the classroom culture, don't work against them! Work with them. Here is a list of 5 awesome apps that can enhance your classroom.


PhotoMath is an iphone App developed by PhotoPay Ltd. It is a free app that can transform your Math classroom. Simply put, PhotoMath allows the user to snap a picture of a math equation and will instantly find an answer.

Finding a quick answer might appear to work against the interest of the student, but much like textbooks have answers in the back, PhotoMath gives students a place of references to work backwards from.

Skyview - Explore the Universe

Skyview - Explore the Universe is an iphone App developed by Terminal Eleven LLC. The app allows for extensive coverage of basic information about the universe! This incredible app can be used in many classrooms that require teaching about planets, stars, moons, our solar system, and the universe.

The app would make for a great out trip. You and your students can set aside one clear night where you go out into the schoolyard and snap photos of the sky. The app will then map out constellations and provide information. It is an interactive and fun way to engage with learning.

Quizlet - Flashcards and Study Tools

Quizlet - Flashcards and Study Tools is an iphone App developed by Quizlet LLC. The app lets the user create digital flash cards which can then be used to test oneself. The app times the student's answer time.

This app is great for a variety of courses that might require memorization. Biology, History, and Physics are just a few of these kinds of courses. This app lets students engage in a device they are comfortable with while also engaging them academically.

Interval Ear Training

Interval Ear Training is a paid iphone App (at $1.99 CAD) developed by Justin Guitar. This unique app helps develop the musicians ear by allowing them to play with different notes on a digital piano or guitar. The app has guided learning as well as manual learning. It is designed to help the user develop a strong understanding of musical hearing and pitch matching.

This app is a great app that can be used in a music or band class. Students can have class time in which they practise interval ear training daily or they can be encouraged to do it little by little each day during transit. The app can heighten your band from super to extraordinary!

Learn Spanish with Babbel

Learn Spanish with Babbel is a free iphone App developed by Lesson Nine GmbH. The app is a comprehensive study and learning tool to help the user learn Spanish. Lesson Nine GmbH offers a variety of language learning apps which can be used in a variety of language courses.

Learn Spanish with Babbel offers visual, auditory, and interactive learning engagement. Students can listen and hear specific pronunciations. They can write and speak their understanding of the language as well. The app would be an excellent supplement to a Spanish language class.