Thinking Skills in the Library

Approaches to Learning in the PYP and MYP

In the Library, we...

Aquire Knowledge

  • gain information, facts, ideas, vocabulary through reading, listening or viewing.
  • seek additional information for depth.
  • seek answers to our questions.

Seek comprehension

  • gain meaning from material read, hear or view.
  • communicate and interpret our reading.

Apply our learning

  • make use of reading and reading skills in practical or new ways.
  • use what we learn in a modified form or transdisciplinary way.
  • use our information to answer questions.

Analyze and Synthesize what we read

  • take knowledge or ideas apart from our reading.
  • separate what we read into parts, see relationships, patterns, connections.
  • decide what is fact or opinion.
  • find unique characteristics in our reading.
  • combining parts to create a new whole, using what we read to design, develop and innovate.


  • evaluate what we read.
  • make judgments or decisions on what we read.
  • make judgments or decisions based on chosen criteria.

Dialectical Thought

  • think and try to understand two or more different points of view at the same time within our reading.
  • realize that others may have one's own point of view.


  • analyze one's own and other's thought processes related to reading.
  • think about thinking about how one thinks and how one learns.