Mount Huashan

China's most Exotic Mountain.

What is Mount Huashan?

Mt. Huashan is about 75 miles from Xian. It is famous for natural views of steep and narrow paths, deep valleys and a high mountain range. Famous for its breathtaking cliffs and 12-kilometer-long winding path to its peak, this mountain features five peaks that resemble five petals of a flower. Each peak has very unique characteristics. The East Peak is the best place to enjoy the sunrise. The South Peak has the highest altitude. The West Peak is the most elegant. The North Peak is famous for its view of the beautiful clouds.

Why should you visit Mount Huashan?

Mount Huashan can relieve all of your stress by the beautiful scenery and flowers. When you arrive at the top, the smell of cherry blossoms and freshly bloomed trees fills the air around you. If you don't like walking you can just ride your horse. Another reason you should visit is that it is free! You and your family will love Mount Huashan.

Personal Experiences!

When my family and I traveled to the top of Mount Huashan the air smelled like cherry blossom and fresh green grass. When we reached the top of the mountain we were above the clouds and could see all of Chang' an. Our family had never been that high in the air before. The air was so clean and cold, it felt as if we were flying. My family and I will be traveling back to Mount Huashan very soon.