The Czech Republic

Geography and Landmarks

The Czech Rpublic is dominated by Boheman which is a mountian that towers 3,ooo the feet tall.The Charles Bridge that connects Prauge and Mala and is a tourist attraction because of its beautiful sun sets and because of its georougs veiw of the Czech Republic. The Kvaar hory is amazing because you can see real human bones and corps there!



First off the weather in the Czech Republic and vary a lot! It is very warm and dry, heavy snowstorms and snowfall in the winter, so if your looking for nice weather the winter probably wouldn't be a time for you to go. The driest area in the fall about 1 inch! So if you like the rain, don't go in the fall. Autumn is usually wet cold damp.


The offical state symbol is a coat of arms. There has always been a relationship between The Czech Republic and the U.S. Shitzle has been one of the Czechs favorites food since the WWII! It was made as a victory food. If a Czech invites you to their house for dinner or another special occasion it is part of the culture to bring a box of chocolates some flowers or another small gift.
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The Czech Republic was in WWI AND WWII. 42 years of communism ended nearly bloodless. In 2002 extreme flooding caused 70,000 people in Prauge to be evacuated and 200,000 nation wide. The Czech Republic joined NATO in 1999 which is a small army. They have a long and important history!
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There are many places to go in The Czech Republic! Bohemia is a large city that you and your family are sure to have fun in. And you can go if your looking for a slice of the Czechs Culture. Traveling through Maravia you will probably cross an ancient town that will be really fun to drive through and look at some of the old buildings. The Sedlic Ossuary is a place where you can see real human bones there! The Prauge castle is a fun place to visit with lots of museums and gift shops inside.
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