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Sunday, February 2, 2020


Mrs. Close’s Class ~ The kids have been busy adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers. The newest learning was that when subtracting mixed numbers, sometimes the first mixed number in the equation needs to be renamed in order to subtract with ease. For example 4 2/5 – 2 3/5….4 2/5 can be renamed to 3 7/5. That strategy allows the student to subtract wholes and then subtract the fractions. During the coming week, line plots, rotations and iterations of angle measures, symmetry, and the February CML will be our work! If you’re wondering, “where is the long division?” Here is a snap shot of the remaining units:

Unit 6 – Division & Angles

Unit 7 – Multiplication of a Fraction by a Whole Number & Measurement

Unit 8 – Fraction Operations & Applications

Mrs. Gleason's Class ~ Your child should have brought home their corrected module 3 test. It needs to be signed and returned to school. The children have the opportunity to make corrections, and those are due on Tuesday. I strongly encourage them to do the corrections. I am available if they need help. Yesterday we completed the first lesson of the geometry module. This module is full of new vocabulary for the children. They have already learned a few - point, line segment, line, ray, and angle. Next week they learn vertex, acute angle, right angle, obtuse angle, perpendicular lines, intersecting lines and parallel lines. See how many of those words your child can tell you about! After that we will learn how to use a protractor to measure and draw angles.


Picture Book Monday ~ On Monday, Luca entertained us with Penguin Problems. Luca put personality into it and made many of us giggle with the whining penguin voice!

Colonial America ~ Last week we chatted a bit about the Dutch and how they were motivated by making money. I also read an article to them that explained some of the rules the early governors had for their colonists. During the coming week, the kids will take notes and build their Colonial America books. They will read generally about the roles of men, women, and kids. They'll even learn about schools!

Big picture


This past week the kids collaborated in small groups to build a complete circuit using 1 wire, 1 D-cell, and 1 bulb. Then they created another working circuit by adding in another wire. More electricity work in the week to come!

Friday Folders

In Friday Folders, you'll find some important papers!

Fun Fitness Week Permission Slip ~ The kids will be ice skating on February 11th and 13th as part of their PE class. Parents are welcome to join the class! Please return signed permission slips ASAP!

Valentine's Day List ~ I finally remembered!

Pajama Jam ~ This is a girls only event!


Let the singing begin! The kids will meet for chorus this week on Thursday afternoon. Please get those permission slips back to me.

Band & Orchestra

Band will not meet on Wednesday. I'm looking into Orchestra. Stay tuned...........

Important Dates

February 6 - 1st day of Chorus

February 11th & 13th - Ice Skating (11:20-12:40)

February 14th ~ Valentine's Day Party

February 17th - 21st ~ No School