The Great Depression

Dylan Loftis

The stock maklet crashed on October 29, 1929

The dust bowl destroyed all the farmer and put them out of business

FDR came up with a plan called a "New Deal"

The railroads were the way of transportation

World War 2 ended The Great Depression


The person who is a key person in The Great Depression is FDR. FDR was the president during part of the is time. FDR created welfare which is still around today. FDR created the "New Deal" that helped people threw The Great Depression. He has a famous speech and from the sppech is a famous quote "The only thing you should fear is fear itself"

The stock market crashed in 1929

FDR was elected presient in 1932 and came up a plan called the "New Deal"

World War 2 ended the great depression


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