Herniated Disc

What is Herniated Disc-its signs and treatment options

Herniated Disc Los Angeles

Suffering with the Disc Herniation or sciatica can be one of the worst conditions a human go through. It may cause acute pain on the lower back or hip. Patients, suffering with herniated disc may not sit, walk or lie down for more than half an hour. Also, some patients find it difficult to stand straight.

The pain in your lower back or hip is perhaps the most draining of health issues that prevents you from undertaking many of the things you want to do.

Understand the signs and symptoms of Disc Herniation.

Herniated disc Los Angeles can cause several symptoms including:

  • Numbness on legs, sometimes in fingers also
  • Undefined pain on the lower extremities
  • sensation on the lower extremities
  • Pain characterized as continuous and unrelieved by rest

If you have ever suffered or noticed any of these signs in your lower part, it is the time to immediately contact an experienced orthopedic expert surgeon of Herniated disc Los Angeles.

What is Disc Herniation?

The human spine is a complex structure, made with the series of bones called vertebrae and discs (sponge-like tissues that function as cushions to support the vertebrae). These discs are made with a hard outer border with a soft jelly-like material and fluid inside it. The Herniated disc is a state, when the fluid from inside a disc leaks. As a result, the patient may suffer with pain, numbness and weakness. The pain or numbness may take place in the leg, feet or arm, depending upon the area of the disc that is affected.