U.S Government

By: Christian C. Keegan S. Nick T. Thomas B.

Role Of Organization

A.The role is so that the U.S. government can make sure that the Government of Sudan does not keep trying to ethnically cleanse Darfur. Humanitarians and the UN troops or NATO forces are being deployed to stop ethnic groups. A rally for anti war or social justice to have a personal meeting with president Bush about the subject. Peace movements are being refused by the military intervention.

How is that role designed to protect human rights?

B. How it protects human rights is by cutting all ties of business with Sudan (Sudanese Divestment Act) in an effort to stop the violence in Darfur which has led up to 200,000 deaths and more than two million people driven from their homes. The Administration then put sanctions on the Sudanese Government and tried to get them to accept a United Nations led peacekeeping force. which would be staffed with 26,000 UN troops to try and stop the violence in Darfur. But Only 9,000 made the debut i Darfur.

What their authority is to address the mission?

C. The U.S. Government has lots of power and is able to push almost whatever it wants into law. In this case especially the President has made a very substantial impact on the United States decision to go and put in an effort to try and stop what President Bush has termed a “Genocide”

Who supports their mission?

D. The President (Bush) And the Congress (both houses) both agreed unanimously to try and stop the violence using sanctions. How they got the money was to stop the violence in Darfur was through government funding.

ambassador richard williamson strongly supports the sudan accountability and divestment act. says that this challenge is appropriate because khartoum engages in unacceptable behavior including its failure to live up to its responsibility to protect its own people.

What has been their successes in Darfur?

E. It has been the biggest start to many organizations to help stop

2 million dollars was internally displaced. and was set to put pressure to stop the violence on the government of Sudan.

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