Causes of the American Revolution


The Rebels v.s The Redcoats

Colonists are willing to fight for their freedom to have a voice, and be a country that has equal rights to everyone. When the colonists try to fight one of the most powerful military force in the world they know there will be some rough battles fought, but they believe they will pull through in the end. The British feel this will not be much of a war, so they have nothing to worry about, but they have no idea what's coming at them.

Why is the American Revolution so important?

This rebellion represents the first to be free from a monarchy making a new era was born throughout the world. When the "Shot heard 'round the world" was heard in the battle of Lexington the war began. The reason they call it the "Shot heard 'round the world" is because it represents have the events in this revolution affected the whole world.

The Boston Tea Party

When the Sons of Liberty heard about the Tea Act, and what it did they were furious, and they dumped 342 crates of tea into the Boston Harbor. When King George III heard about this rebellion he, and the British Parliament were furious. Without further adieu, they created as the colonists called it, the Intolerable Acts which made all of the other acts stronger, so Boston could be controlled more closely.

The Boston Massacre

How did this event change history? I'll tell you...

On March 5, 1770 an angry colonist starts to yell at a British soldier until an entire mob of angry colonists start to protest against this soldier, and this lone soldier calls for back up, and a bunch of soldiers line up to help. When the soldiers think the protesting escalated too much they fired at the unarmed crowd five colonists are left dead at the scene.

Some of the famous rebels are:

The Stamp Act

The Stamp Act was a tax forced on the colonists in America when the British could not pay off their debt for the French and Indian War. This tax was placed on any printed paper. Things like playing cards, newspapers, and magazines were all taxed by this law. This really sparked the colonists fury for no representation in government.

The tea act

Since the colonists were not buying any taxed goods, the Parliament decided they would only let the colonists buy tea from the British East India Company which made the colonists upset because they still have no say in government and if the law gets certified or not.

The Navigation Acts

This act states that colonists cannot trade with anyone, but England, promoting the mother country, and also helping pay off the debt for the French and Indian War. The colonists became very use because they could not say anything about it. (mercantilism)

Pros and Cons of the rebellion


  • The colonists had no voice in Parliament
  • Colonists had no rights and even soldiers were forced into their homes, people were forced to pay a tax for anything printed
  • The only thing Britain cares about is power, and the king only lets the colonists trade with England to support the mother country


  • They are trying to rebel against the most powerful military force in the world
  • The possibility that everyone will be killed for treason if they get caught
  • There is no turning back if they decide to go to war
  • By doing this they are risking the lives of thousands of people for freedom

The colonists are right to rebel

Since the colonists have absolutely no rights as their kings subjects, they believe the only way out is to protest to get their thoughts across to their king, but he refuses to listen. Instead, he creates laws that colonists cannot vote on, and prohibits these protests by sending British soldiers to enforce them. The king continues to enforce new laws and taxes while the colonists sit back and watch. Its time for something different they propose...

A Revloution