Random Lockers

By: Mikayla Vestal

School lockers should be searched.

Harmful to everyone

  • Knives, drugs, and guns are very bad to everyone
  • 75% of students like to carry pocket knives

Parents keep watch

  • 20% of parents have guns for really good reasons
  • Some students will bring guns and shoot the gun in school
  • The kids getting bullied are most likely to shoot the gun

The police will help

  • The police are always equipped
  • The police look for drugs, guns, and knives
  • The police can take down a person very quickly

The police are good security

Dark Knight K9 School Search - K9 Phoenix

There is a law about no guns at school, but some people do it anyway

We do not want drugs or knives in our school.

Rogue - school locker search

School lockers need to be searched for good reasons.