Digital Citizenship Project

Leoncia M.,Period 6

Rule 1.Digital Etiquette

Think before you post : Whatever you post that is bad it will affect your future. Even getting a job. So if I was you I would be careful what I post.

Rule 2.Information Privacy

Personal Information : You should never give someone your personal information. Some companies sells other people's information for money. And you will get emails that are from spammers. So if I was you do not give now one my information.

Rule 3.Social Network

Privacy : On some Social Network pages ,some people like friends and strangers can contact you.You need to be careful on what what u want to post.If you keep privat information privat you will be fine.

Rule 4.Online Safety

Identity: Whenever you sign up for something online you really need to be careful because you may never know how is on your profile.When you do have a online thing you should not put your address,phone number or your email.You shouldent do that because people that you dont know may came to your house. So be careful on what you post.

Rule 5.Cyberbullying

Stop Bullying: You should never bully someone online. When you bully someone online and they see it you don't know if they are trying to kill themselves.You may think you are not beinge mean but it is how you send it to someone.And when ever someone is makeing fun of you block them so what ever the post about you cant see it.

Rule 6.Plagiarism

Dont Steal Ideas:When you have to do a book report and you forget or don't care you do not steal others that did theres.You should not copy someone elses because it well show that you did Plagiarism.It really dosent matter is it was a book report or an artical it is sell Plagiarism.You shoulud not do it because you will get a big fat F.

Rule 7.Copyright

Ownership:Making song and stuff is great. You may upload songs. You are the only one to copyright something that you made. You can give someone that opportunity to copyright.I think what i'm trying to say is do not copyright someone else songe or something without their permission.

What is digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is something that you will have to use throw out your life.Digital Citizinship is nessary because you may get in trouble if you dont ues Digetal Citizinship.It will help you throw your futuer. You need to make sure you follow these rules.If you follow these rules you will have a good future.I hope you follow these rule you will need them.