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May 20, 2016

Crystal Cooper Thompson, Principal

Aesop Reminders

When you submit a request in Aesop:

  • Please remember to post In/Service-Staff Development when requesting for a staff development day off. Assure that you have gotten clearance to attend from Crystal first so that payment for subs can come from the proper line item.

  • Click “save” and the Aesop system will locate a sub for you.
  • Click “save and assign” when you have already spoken to the sub and you know for certain that he/she will be in your class.

Please remember to update the time in Aesop. A full day is 7:45-3:45, half day is either 7:45-11:45 or 11:45-3:45.


Deborah Walston, May 1

Bonita Wilkerson May 3

Jenifer Reese, May 3

Claire Baraban, May 18

Frank Torres, May 22

Carline Thomas, May 27

Jessica Vielmas, May 27

Jill Wallace, May 31

Staff Calendar-To be updated

Crystal's Corner


Thank for a great week! You did an outstanding job with our awards presentations and your kids did an exceptional job on their performances.

Congratulations on a very positive year! I can't wait to share all of our great accomplishments with you at post-planning.

Here is our schedule for post-planning:


7:45-9:00 Work in rooms

9-12 Staff Development and Faculty Meeting

12-1 Lunch

1:00-3:45 Work in Rooms


8-12: Work in Rooms/Grade Level Meetings/Sign-offs from Admin

12-4 Faculty Grillin' Cookout

    Vision will focus on the three essential components of literacy workshop that will include specific instructional strategies that will target the architecture of the mini-lesson and in grades K-12 in order to enhance the writing instruction across the district. Elementary teachers will dig deeply into the Units of Study in Writing and learn how to utilize the district resource on a daily basis in their classrooms in order to accelerate writing achievement. Middle and high school teachers will build units of study for literacy workshop in order to enhance the reading and writing instruction that is taking place each day in the classroom. Participants with at least 80% attendance will earn two PLUs; participants with 100% attendance will receive copies of all professional and mentor texts used in their grade level class during the Vision sessions.
    What: Vision
    When: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm on Aug. 13, Sept. 17, Oct. 15, Dec. 3, and Jan, 21
    Where: Discovery High School

    Teachers should register in the PD&E tool by May 30, 2016. New hires may register once they have obtained an employee identification number.
    1st gr—#23285
    2nd gr—#23286
    3rd gr—#23287
    4th gr—#23288
    5th gr—#23389

K-5 Math Boot Camp

The K-5 Math Boot Camp is designed to develop and deepen understanding of the Mathematics AKS. K-5 Mathematics teachers will focus their learning on analyzing, understanding, and modeling Mathematics AKS from a concrete level to an abstract level. Participants will receive resources and one PLU.

What: K-5 Math Boot Camp

When: 8/27; 9/24; 10/22; 12/10

Where: Discovery HS

This professional learning has been released in PD&E for registration.

Please share with teachers you would recommend for participation.

School Affairs

    Please share links to the new online Communiqué in your local school e-Newsletter and your website. New items are added each week.
    The latest posts to the online Communiqué include features on Transition Fair for Students with Disabilities, the Gwinnett Heat, meetings about the county's transportation plan, plus calendar reminders about the Area Board meetings and the latest episode of In5ive.

School Reminders:

1. Please lock up all devices at night and lock your classroom doors when leaving for specials, and recess. Students need to bring everything with them and not come to the classrooms unattended as much as possible. 2 barriers are suggested, 1 barrier will suffice.

2. Please have students assist with putting chairs on desks when leaving each day.With us eating breakfast and snacks in the classrooms, it causes for more attention to vacuuming. Please help us get your rooms as clean as possible.

          Please register!
            All Leadership Team Members Must Attend
    When: Tuesday, June 14 from 8:30 - 3:45. Registration begins at 7:30 am in the Board Room lobby, ISC Building 100.
    Where: J. Alvin Wilbanks Instructional Support Center
    Keynote Speaker: Leland Melvin, NASA Astronaut and Co-Chair of the White House STEM Education Task Force
    • Choice Session Information:
    • Register April 12-29 via the employee portal by going to Tools--> Media--> GDLC Registration. Then select your four choice sessions. (The link will be live on April 12th.)
    • Need registration assistance? Contact Cindy Weaver via email or by phone at (678) 301-6431.

    2016-17 Gifted Endorsement Cohort-
    If you have not completed your gifted endorsement yet, there is an opportunity for you to join others next year at Lanier Middle School. Please let me know your interest.
    What: Gifted Endorsement 2016-17
    When: Class begins September 1, 2016, and lasts until May 3, 2017
    Where: Lanier Middle School
    A detailed course calendar can be found on page 2 of the application.


Stay up to date on things from Larry! CLICK HERE to view the LSTC Blog and learn about TeacherVue, the new gradebook for next year!

Thank you to 4th and 5th grade for the sweet gifts that you gave the

A Team on Friday! We appreciate you all for thinking of us! `Crystal, Kim,


and Cindy

Thank you to Pre-K for all of the thoughtful and sweet gifts that you offered us for Bosses Week! Crystal, Kim, Katie and Cindy

Thank you to the office staff and custodians for lunch and flowers! We appreciate you all! Crystal, Kim,


and Cindy

Thank you to everyone who cared so much about my taping on the wall experience! I appreciate your kind words,


and laughs. I had a great time and made so impressionable memories! ~Crystal

Thank you to all of you who personally dropped off sweet gifts to me this week! It is such a sweet gesture that I don't take lightly. Look for your personal thank you note in your mailbox this week. ~Crystal

Thank you to my sweet office staff who have been the most supportive individuals to me at this time of year. You are the best! ~Crystal

Thank you Carolina, Jenifer and Cecilia for running so many errands for us this past week! You are appreciated! ~Crystal

Kudos to Larry and Jerry for all you have done for us at this time of year. I know your job isn't easy, but I am grateful to have you! ~Crystal

Congratulations Cecilia on having your first completers of your English class! What a great accomplishment! #superproud ~Crystal

Thank you to my fun and loving A Team! I love working with you and will always enjoy our one on one chats! I am a blessed principal to have you by my side! ~Crystal



Coach K for being a fun dinner mate for our Shamrock Shake fundraiser celebration dinner! Also, for taking our kiddos to Stars and Strikes! You made some fun memories for our students! ~Crystal

Thank you to all who were able to attend our last PTA meeting: Coach K, Erin Kilpatrick, Ashley Welch, Karen Peralta, Julie Kuykendall, Amy Haser, Claire Baraban, Chelsea Yoshimura, Bev Carlan,


Lyons, Frank Torres, Cindy,


and Katie~Crystal

Thank you, Jenifer Reese, Larry


and Jerry Watts for all your help with my file cabinet. - Michelle Hardy

Thank you to the person who found my "frog" key in the parking lot. You are truly a life saver. - Michelle Hardy

Thank you to an amazing Specials team (Bev Carlan, Mandy Gunter, Melanie Mayer, Coach D and Coach K). You all have helped me thrive this year with your words of wisdom,


and encouragement. - Michelle Hardy

Thank you, Leslie Adames, for sharing your students with me. I have so enjoyed working with you this year. - Michelle Hardy

Thank you,



for all your help and assistance and most importantly your positive energy. - Michelle Hardy

Thank you to my mouse pads fairy, Larry Smith, who gave me a set of mouse pads. - Michelle Hardy

Thank you to Belkis Puga, for keeping my room so clean. I appreciate all your help this year, especially during Code Wets. - Michelle Hardy

Jill Moore and Cecilia Gaytan for your help with Awards programs. I couldn't have done it without your creative mind and amazing talents. -Sheree Bailey

The A Team for all your support during this busy time of year. -Sheree Bailey

Kudos to the teachers that helped me with behavior sheets all year. It was a tough job to ask you to keep up


with their hourly progress, but you guys did it, and it was very helpful to my kids. Ms. Davis, Ms. Haser, Ms.


and Ms. Rosenthal. -Cyndi


Kudos to my resource teachers that have been there for me with our transfer of students to fifth grade. It is a huge task and you have helped prepare their files so they will get what they need next year. Ms. Squires, Ms. Brewer, and Ms. Turner -Cyndi Bennett

Kudos to Ms. Turner for helping with a file. Thank


Ms. Turner

for laughing through it! -Cyndi Bennett

Sheree Bailey for always having my back. -



My team for the best first year I could ever have had! -



ALL of my co-workers for created a positive and welcoming environment for this

first year

teacher! -



Kudos to Cathy Eklund for helping me get the Sycamore Cinema up and running for Communities, and



for helping take down the community stores! - Kristi King

Thank you to Janet Rivera for your hard work adapting to the new student information system. I <3 you, Jan Jan! From Kim

Thank you to Jenifer Reese for always helping me find an answer to the crazy little questions I ask. You are a doer--I love that! From Kim

Thank you to Crystal Thompson for including me in the Leadership Academy celebration. You always know how to throw a party! From Kim

Thank you to Maureen Kallatsa and Erin Kilpatrick for providing the entertainment for the PTA meeting on Tuesday night. Your hard work with the students is appreciated. From Kim

Thank you to Larry Smith and Rochelle Spurlock for your hard work to account for the instructional materials. I appreciate your tenacity! From Kim

Thank you to Shannon Davis for giving me the chance to connect with one of your kiddos, and sending the fun picture. I appreciate you! From Kim

Kudos to our roadside warriors, Rochelle, Karen, Mandy S., Cathy E. and Beth, for keeping Sycamore Road clean. Beverly

Thank you to the specials team for adjusting plans to support Kindergarten and First Grade awards practices. Beverly

Thank you to Carolina and the front office staff for solving the mystery of the missing portable

white board

. Beverly

Thank you to CT for the awesome dinner and the opportunity to participate in SES's first leadership cohort. Beverly

Kudos to Kim Wyble for the awesome Ice Cream Social for Kindergarten and First Grade. You are always thinking about the children.

Thank you to everyone who helped with Relay For Life last week by donating. walking and working in the tent! You are all awesome! And thank you so much to everyone who is supporting little Kaylee! Seeing all of the people wearing the pink

wrist bands

is humbling and incredible at the same time! I asked Kaylee if she knew what those bands mean and she


"It's for me!". :) Thank you so much for making her feel loved and special!