Orion LeaseStar Update

March 2016

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Exciting News-New Cancellation Policy

Cancellations will no longer require an email notification. You will be able to cancel all relevant products directly in the Client Portal.

The new Cancellations process significantly enhances your visibility into the Cancellation workflow after you submit it. You will now be able to see cancellation details at the product level including Billing cancellation and Product deactivations. You can also update your cancellation request directly in the portal to communicate any last minute

changes to the Cancellations team.


Notifications have been improved. You will receive a detailed email with the information of your cancellation on submission and one when all items in the cancellation are complete. Your Customer Success Manager will also receive an email automatically informing them of the Cancellation request.

For more information, please feel fee to contact your Client Success Manager, Tosha Lane.

Website Releases in February

Widget on iPhone 5 responsive is now working!

This fix corrected the problem where the save quote button on smaller mobile devices like the iPhone 5 was being cut off and not displayed properly. This has now been corrected and the button will no longer run off the screen.

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Floor plan default sort options shouldn't be case sensitive.

This change fixes a problem where the floor plan names were not being sorted properly by name. They were sorting the names, however it would sort all names starting with lower case letters last and then all names starting with capital letters first. This has been fixed now so that names, regardless of case, will be sorted properly

Don't Forget to register for RealPage's Annual Conference RealWorld!

RealWorld Conference provides the perfect balance of product training, industry trends and insights, as well as practical case studies you can apply to your properties today.

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February LeaseStarSupport Overview

There were only three LeaseStar Support cases in February. Two cases were to reset the marketing center passwords and one was to inquire where to run a lead report within the marketing center.

Below are instructions on how to reset marketing center passwords and how to run website lead reports in the marketing center.

All cases were within RealPage's SLS and detailed below.


Say hello to our newest LeaseStar Account Manager, Dustin Durham

Please help us welcome our newest team member, Dustin Durham, to our LeaseStar family! We are looking forward to the great things Dustin has to offer.
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