Bear Notes-Wk19 Jan.11th - 15th

Serving kids. Growing scholars.

Note from the principal...


Welcome back to our first full week of the second semester! I trust everyone is rested, geared up and ready to work. With the release of our recent ACP scores it is evident our campus is moving in the right direction and we are destined to do great things. And when we compare our Fall 2015 ACP scores with our Fall 2014 ACP scores we show gains in the majority of the content areas assessed, with many of the gains being double digits gains. Nice work everyone!

So let's use the energy we are feeling from our recent ACP scores as the fuel needed to gain that extra degree. Let's be willing to do what we have never done before to get the results we know we can get, to get that "extra degree". Currently, the campus priority is to reach all parents of scholars who were unsuccessful on a Fall ACP exam and have them come to school for a face-to-face meeting. And I'm hoping that a bold move like this will contribute to us getting that "extra degree"!

Support staff please be willing to support teachers as needed so these very important meetings can take place. Please know you may be asked to monitor a class during the instructional day. Whatever it takes, right!

And lastly, Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for this Thursday, Jan. 14th from 4:00 - 7:30.

Have an awesome week!


100's Club

Congratulations to the following teachers for leading their sections to 100% passing rates on the Fall ACP Exams:


-1A Sanchez

-2E Griffin

-3E McCraney

-4A Montes


-KA Meza

-KC Houston

-1A Sanchez

-1E Garcia

-2A Vera

-2F Nieves


-3A Pozo


-3A Pozo

-3B Pozo

-3C Pozo


-4A Barina

-4B Barina

-4C Barina

-4D Barina

-4E Barina

No PLC's this week.

Administrative PLC's are slated to resume the week of Jan. 25th

Data Meetings (continued)

Please see schedule below and be sure to put in for a sub.

Monday, Jan. 11th - Grade 1

Tuesday, Jan. 12th - Grade 2

Wednesday, Jan. 13th - Science/Writing

Upcoming Events

Monday, Jan. 11th - Brashear Extended Observation window opens (check your email for the start of your 10-day window)

Monday, Jan. 11th - No PD

Monday, Jan. 11th - Day of Planning Grade 1

Tuesday, Jan. 12th - Day of Planning Grade 2

Tuesday, Jan. 12th - Music Assembly Grade 1 and 2 9:00 - 10:00; Grades 3 - 5 10:05 - 11:05 auditorium

Tuesday, Jan. 12th - District Spelling Bee (Auditorium occupied 2:00 - 6:00) - JTB represented by Reginald Compton - 4th grader; Alternate - Elijah Coronado - 4th grader

Wednesday, Jan. 13th - Day of Planning Science/Writing

Thursday, Jan. 14th - Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:00 - 7:30

Friday, Jan. 15th - Blackout date

Monday, Jan. 18th - MLK Holiday - no school

Tuesday, Jan. 19th - Blackout date

Tuesday, Jan. 19th - Prep U (Parent Workshop) 9:00 Auditorium

Tuesday, Jan 19th - Tutoring resumes

Jacquelyn Burden - Principal

Affirmation of the Week - I am worthy of my dreams coming true.

Quote of the Week -

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'

Martin Luther King, Jr.