Can't Look Away

Book Review by: Jasmine Hendrix

Can't Look Away By Donna D. Cooner

If you enjoy books about drama and school girls. I am recommending this tittle because I really enjoyed this book and related to the dramatic scenes. And this book made me really connect with the main character and learn from her mistakes.

Can't Look Away is about a young girl named Torrey Gray, she is a beauty vlogger on the web and is very popular. But when Torrey's younger sister is killed in an accident, she blames herself and that's when all the trolling starts. Her family moves and she tries to forget and move on. But then one of the popular girls at her school recognizes her and her world starts falling apart. Until she meets a young boy named Luis who works with his dad at the place where Torrey's sister goes to be put in a coffin and barried.

But I am not going to go into detail because I really want you guys to read this book and read shocking and exciting events.

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