GCISD in the CRT Crosshairs Podcast

GCISD Parents Update 2.11.22

Summary of Podcast

Two Grapevine Colleyville ISD parents talk about how the Dr. Whitfield situation sparked awareness about Critical Race Theory embedded throughout their district.

They give proof of CRT in this podcast!

Links to the Podcast

It's absolutely vital that we inform everyone in GCISD about what is going on in our schools.

Please listen to the whole podcast and interact with it--that's the only way it will get attention.

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Elementary Education & The 1619 Project

This GCISD elementary lead instructional coach Tweets about teaching The 1619 Project. He has direct influence on writing the English curriculum for all elementary school kids in the district. Requiring any understanding of The 1619 Project is in direct violation of state law (Senate Bill 3).

See this example and more on the podcast!!

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Elementary to Middle School

A Bear Creek Elementary School teacher participated in the AVID program at Heritage Middle School. Within that program, the STUDENTS led a Critical Race Theory training for other students. Not surprisingly, that same teacher Tweets Ibram X. Kendi’s “Anti Racist Baby.”

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High School

A social studies teacher at Grapevine High School sponsored a “Current Issues & Social Activism Club” that actively supported former CHHS Principal, Dr. Whitfield. They discuss CRT in that club on campus.

On the club’s Instagram feed is a slide deck about CRT and Dr. Whitfield specifically. The last slide is a call to action to students, saying “If the school won’t teach you, educate yourself on Critical Race Theory,” and that students can “Attend protests to help.”

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