Mrs. May's and Mrs. Ryan's News

October 8

This week...

All student got their eyes check this week and you will receive a notification from the office if there is any concerns.

The firefighters are visiting Arboretum this Friday. Should be fun!

The first week of switching classrooms was a success! The kids are enjoying the opportunity.

Next Week...

Please check your schedule for your parent-teacher conference time for Tuesday, October 13 after school, or Friday October 16 in the morning.

This week in Spanish...

Key Concepts

  • Spain (españa) is a country in Europe (europa)

  • Spanish (español) is the official language of Spain

  • Madrid is the capital of Spain. There are 17 comunidades autónomas, which are like our states.

  • Spain has a president (presidente) and a king (rey)

  • Spain's currency is the euro (counting by 10s: 10-100)

  • Comparing and contrasting Spain and the United States (government, flag, language, size, religion, music, celebrations)