The Morning Food

The food that you eat in the morning

What does the term breakfast mean?

The first meal of the day

List 3 reasons Why you should eat breakfast

1.You can't go anywhere in the morning with out an empty stomach.
2.It provides energy so you can make through the day.
3. The food helps power your brain to focus and memory.
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List four influencess on what we for breakfast

Time. You wake early to eat breakfast.
Parents. They decide on what your going to eat for breakfast.
money. If you want to by your breakfast
Routine. plan on what your gonna eat for the week and then plan to eat something else the next week.
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Make a list of 10 foods typically eaten for breakfast

1. Bagel
2. Raisin toast
3. Bacon and eggs
4. Porridge
5. cold cereal
6. Smoothies
7. fruit
8. Yogurt
9. Pancakes
10. Crumpets
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Some interesting information on breakfast

People think that you can skip breakfast to lose wait but it doesn't help you in the long run.
Your stomach has a hunger mode and it can hurt but your breakfast somewhat keeps it at bay.

Some pictures relating to breakfast

Look down
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