Should we put a compost bin in our courtyard?

Products and what to put in our compost

The compost is made of greens,browns and water. Soon the greens and browns break down and turns into nutritious soil for plants. Do not put meat,dairy,grease,bones,cheese,oils,diseased plants,pet droppings and fat.

Can a compost help our court yard?

There are pros and cons to this situation.Our pros would be that it could help plant plants in the court yard also it would give us great soil. Our cons would be that there will be a lot of flies and no one will want to eat in the court yard. Also, people may not put the correct things in the compost bin.

why is water necessary

why water is needed in composting

water is necessary because it helps the process of composting break down faster.

Add the compost

We could really use the compost. It will be great for plants in our courtyard and it will make our courtyard look beautiful with great soil and great plants.