ELC Newsletter

December 5th, 2014

A Little Stress Reducer for All of Us

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas all around ELC. We have trees, gingerbread houses and gingerbread men, and snowflakes. All of the wonderful charms of the seasons with the children's work displayed and the excitement of St. Nick's as well as Christmas is contagious here.

For some of you, this might also be a stressful time, presents to buy, gifts to wrap, baking to do, cards to send, and this is all outside of all the many hours you put in at work. Below is a little research bit, that is a proven strategy for reducing some of that tension and stress, try it, even for a week, and you will reap the benefits right away.

A tip from Mendler is to track the positive things happening in your life by keeping a “three-good-things” journal. Every day, document three things that went well in school and in your personal life and what caused them. The research suggests that doing this for just seven days in a row can reduce depression and increase happiness for months (Seligman, Steen, & Park, 2005).

News from 4K

At our staff meeting this week, we reviewed the Kathy Richardson materials. 4K does not have a set scope/sequence or a Curriculum Companion model, as do the K-12 staff to help with long term planning. The materials we have from Richardson, have so many resources for us. They show how to actively engage young students so they can meaningfully develop mathematical ideas by learning to build, sort, count, and measure. They are based on the latest research and aligned with the NCTM standards, the WEMLS, and CCSS. They address number sense, geometry, sorting and classifying patterns, measurement, and how to collect data. Seventy activities were included that address all types of groupings from circle time, to small group, and one to one instruction. Timing and scaffolding strategies are presented to build developmentally upon what they know. The activities are all based on using common school and household objects, so that no major purchases need to be made. They contain proven strategies to get students ready for the CCSS and materials in Math Expressions that we use.

Federal Review for Head Start on December 9th

The Advocap and Head Start teachers, and support staff have been here this week, asking multiple questions, and getting many things checked off lists. This upcoming week is their three day Federal Review. The inspectors will be here on Tuesday, December 9th. Thanks to all of you who helped gather information, updated parts of the building. A shout out to Mary Schulze, Dave Mand, Cliff Unertl, and Rick Kreiter for all of their extra tweeks! Hopefully ELC will pass inspection!

You're On Candid Camera

With the new safety regulations, our new television monitors and cameras have been installed across the district. Now from the office, you can see who is entering the front door, or in the office and other locations. These can be viewed by our PLO as well as in the District Office. Thank you to Aaron Sadoff, Dave Mand, and Tom Kubisch for helping us to keep Safety First here at ELC.

OASYS Dates to Remember

December 15th is the due date for the second survey reflection, if you are a new teacher.

Formal observations are being scheduled with people at this time. If you are on Year 3, you can expect to hear from me regarding a pre conference and set a date for a formal observation.

Upcoming Dates and Events

12/9: Eric Larson here in NFDL to meet with teachers who have PDPs

Head Start Federal Inspection

12/10: Come celebrate Christmas as they do in Mexico: 4:00 PM at FLC

12/11: 8:30 District Wide ELL Meeting

12/12: Early Release at 1:10 PM

12/22: Christmas Luncheon at ELC: please sign up in the workroom

12/23-1/4/15 Winter Break

1/5/15: Happy 2015 Return to School

My Out of Building Times

12/8: 7:15 FLC PST; teacher observations at FLC

12/9: 7:10: IEP at HMHS; 7:45 SET Meeting at FLC; 3:00 Meet with Eric Larsen

12/10: 8:30 BAMS BCT; 10: 00 Admin meeting; 4:00 A Mexican Fiesta at FLC

12/11: 8:30: District ELL Meeting; 10:30 FDL- OE IEP ; 2:00 FLC observation

12/12: 8-12:00 Calibration Workshop at CESA; PM back to ELC, then to FLC for Early Release

December Birthdays to Remember

12/1: Cliff Unertl

12/17: Aaron Sadoff

12/21: Karen Bartelt