Tyler & Joseph February Newsletter

Hearts Broken & Hearts Mended

A Change

February held many challenges in our home. A Challenge we had was Tyler became very ill and we had a trip to the Minor ER. After a strep test and a shot we found out he had a throat and ear infection. One of the HARDEST challenges we have experienced this far on our journey was being informed we would be losing Joseph and he would be moving in with his single grandfather. With this challenge came deciding on visitations between the brothers and getting a schedule together between ourselves and Mr. Cook, or should I say Ann, on pick up and drop offs. On April 11th we kissed our baby goodbye, not forever, but it still hurt just the same. The hurt we felt was nothing compared to Tyler's pain and confusion through this. He continues to go to play therapy and we made her aware of the situation so that she can help him. Tyler is slowly adjusting but he does ask about "his baby." The daycare has reported that his behavior seems to be regressing a little and we've noticed at home certain behaviors that he use to do are starting to reappear, such as pinching, biting, and hitting himself when he's in trouble or frustrated. We made the therapist aware of this as well. We had our first visit with Joseph on Feb. 21-23. We tried to make this time as special as possible. On Friday we had family members over to visit with Joseph and just give him love. On Saturday we took the boys to the park for a picnic and to the Houston Zoo. The boys had a blast! On Sunday we attended bible school and worship services and then we enjoyed some time at home just playing outside and enjoying each other. Jason's and Joseph's reunion was so heartfelt. You could truly tell they missed each other. (I attached the video here.) We also celebrated Valentines. We sent Joseph his goodies from his friends at daycare and our gifts to him home. We sent treat bags for Tylers classmates and sent his teachers special treats as well. Tyler has learned to write his T for Tyler and we are working on the rest of his name. He has been spending lots of time with me after work as this was contest season with my Dance Team and we had LOTS of practice. lol. We are on our way to adjusting and mending. We are truly BLESSSED to have Tyler in our home and we will NEVER forget that no matter how much we miss Joseph. <3