Personality Type:True Colors Gold

Tayla Townsend

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Overview of My Color

As gold, I am loyal, caring, and dependable. Also, I am organized, sensible, and punctual. I am relatively rule-oriented and with my mindset, work comes first. On the other hand, if I have a bad day, I am most commonly going to be depressed, and show hatred towards myself or others. In addition, I will suffer from anxiety and react to things poorly.
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Childhood & Relationships

As gold, during my childhood I was said to follow all rules as I am told. I was respectful of authority and could easily keep up with a regular academic routine. It is easier as gold to adapt to an education system.
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I can maintain organizations as gold. I get my work done, I put my jobs before anything else. With my attention to detail I can still manage to work hard and complete difficult tasks.
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Leadership Styles

I expect others to be loyal and punctual. I feel their is a right way to doing everything and people should play their role and do as they are told. I think long and hard before deciding on any change and look at the positive or negative effects of that change. I expect others to accommodate to changes easily as well.
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Symptoms of a Bad Day

If I am having a bad day, watch out! I will be very judgmental of others as well as myself. I will complain, if your doing something wrong I will not refrain from telling you. I will be very worrisome as well as depressed.
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Thoughts About My Color

I agree that I fit into this gold category. I follow rules both now and when I was younger and never plan otherwise. I adjusted to school very well when i was a child and I have always respected adult authority. I work hard in school to later prosper at a job and continue to do well. Although, there were some characteristics i disagree with. I do not believe that I become judgmental towards others if I am having a bad day. I do not ALWAYS believe that work comes before play and I think this over-exaggerated that characteristic. One additional thing that i don't agree with is that gold has phobic reactions while having a bad day. That has never happened to me, personally. I believe a business related job relates to this personality type, though for me I would say something more creative along the lines of graphic or interior design. The color I think would make me more strict although that could be beneficial because I will get everything I need to get done, done.