Garden of Learning


Agenda for the Week

  • Monday- We will be going to the Garden's Dream Farm so the children can learn about the different kinds of flowers, and pick the seeds that they would like to plant and learn about later on in the week.
  • Tuesday- The children will be making different shapes out of cardboard to plant the flowers in, so they will learn how to use a ruler because later on they will be measuring the growth of their flower.
  • Wednesday- For a science experiment, the children will be planting their flower while also learning about the different parts of the plant.
  • Thursday- Today we will be taking the children to the school's library so they can find books about their flower so they can learn the history of it. After that, they will be making a name tag to put on their box while incorporating the things that they have learned.
  • Friday- We will line up the flowers by the window, and each day the children will have to water their plant as a job so they learn how to take care of their things. Next Friday we will have a show and tell so the children can share what they have learned about their flower. They will also bring them home that day.

REMINDER: don't forget to sign your children s permission slip for the field trip on Monday!

List of Materials for the Weeks Projects

  • cardboard
  • Kleenex boxes
  • plastic cups