Pleasure Pier Field Trip

Online Registration, District Form and Payment due April 19

The Hubenak Choir will perform on the the Pleasure Pier Stage at 11:00am on Saturday, May 12, 2018. We will also have the pleasure of watching the Adolphus Elementary choir perform. It's great to support our LCISD neighbors! After both performances, students will play on the pier for a few hours. The $20 cost covers an all-day ride wristband. Students will need to bring money for lunch and snacks.

This trip is optional. However, attendance at our Spring Concert at Fulshear High School on May 8th is mandatory in order to attend this trip. Families are encouraged to join us, too! Please read the following information carefully and fill out the registration form below to let us know if you are coming!

The Basics

Who? All Hubenak Elementary Choir Members (and families)

What? Perform and Play at Pleasure Pier in Galveston, TX

When? Saturday, May 12, 2018

Where? Pleasure Pier, 2501 Seawall Blvd. Galveston, TX 77550

Why? Because we LOVE to sing and you deserve a fun trip to end a fantastic choir year!!

How much? $20 per student includes transportation to and from the amusement park. Families and guest must purchase tickets on their own or at the gate. Students will need additional money to purchase a lunch and snacks while at the pier.

The Schedule

9:00am - meet at the back of the school and check in with chaperone

10:45am - arrive at Pleasure Pier, pass out wrist bands and head to stage

11:00am - perform on the Pleasure Pier Stage 25

11:30am - listen to Adolphus Choir perform

12:00pm - check out to families (optional)

12-3:45pm - eat, play and ride rides with chaperone group

3:45pm - load bus and head back home

5:00pm - return to Hubenak in the back parking lot

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this trip required?

No. This concert and trip is provided as a fun way to end the concert season. It is also intended for families to enjoy together, if desired.

What if I don’t like to ride amusement rides?

There are all kinds of rides at Pleasure Pier. Most students find plenty to do that is just the right speed for you. Check out their website to see if there is anything that interests you.

Do I need to bring a lunch?

No. Outside food and drink are not permitted in the park. Please bring about $20 cash to pay for your lunch, snacks and drinks.

Can my parents take me if I don’t want to ride on the bus?

Hubenak choir members must ride the school-provided transportation to a school-sponsored event. If you would like to ride home with your parents, please indicate so on the registration form.

Can my parents drive me home?

Yes. Students wishing to ride home with their parents may check out to their parents at 12:00 before the chaperone groups go off to ride rides. You will be the responsibility of your family for the remainder of the trip. Please indicate your check out plans on the registration form below.

Can my family ride the bus?

The bus seats are reserved for students, teachers and chaperones.

Who can be a chaperone?

Any guardian who is willing to be responsible for a small group of students during the day. Chaperones may not be responsible for any other children, other than those in choir. We need about 7-8 chaperones for this trip!! Chaperones do not have to ride the rides. Chaperones who wish to ride on the rides will pay $20 to cover their own wrist band. Sign up using the registration form below.

Can I check out to my parents then check back in to a chaperone group at the end of the day?

NO! Once a student is checked out, he/she is checked out for good. However, your family may walk around with a group. Chaperones are not allowed to watch students who have already checked out.

Can I check out to a friend’s parents?

NO! Students will not be released to any adult other than a parent or legal guardian.

What do we wear to the park?

You will wear your choir t-shirt with shorts and tennis shoes. Please liberally apply sunblock before you dress!!!

How much money will my child need in the park?

$20 is recommended to cover the cost of food. However, there will be arcade games and souvenirs that will cost additional money. If you wish for your child to do these "extra" things, you may send extra money. No more than $40 is recommended. Chaperones and staff are not responsible for lost money.

What happens if we change our mind and can’t go to Pleasure Pier after all?

Unfortunately, the ride wristband is date specific, so money cannot be refunded.

What happens if I have too many unexcused absences after I have already paid for the trip?

You will not be allowed to go on the trip and money will not be returned. Mrs. Ramsey will be very sad about this!! See above question about reimbursements. BE CAREFUL with your absences and tardies!! Please review the registration guidelines from the Hubenak Choir website for the strict policy regarding excused and unexcused absences.

What happens if it rains?

Please pray that we have good weather!! Rain or shine – we are going! Many times the weather in Galveston is different than the weather in Richmond. Many times the weather clears up unexpectedly. All weather decisions will be made for the safety of the students. Last minute changes will be communicated through texting in Charms.

What happens if I earn an N (3 or more marks in one area of conduct) before we leave for the trip?

You may not go. Mrs. Ramsey will be very disappointed.

What happens if I miss the May 8th evening performance at Fulshear High School?

All performances are required in order to go on the field trips. Students must be present for the evening performance at at FHS in order to go to Pleasure Pier.

Can I change my check-out plans at the last minute?

Check out plans may be changed up until Friday, May 4th. Students may not change their plans the morning of the trip or at the park. Chaperones should not be put in this position.

When will we get the tickets?

Wrist bands will be distributed at the gate. ONLY students and chaperones will be included in the group order. All family members will purchase their tickets at the gate. Family walk-on only tickets are available if you are not interested in riding rides.

What can I take on the bus?

Students are encouraged to bring only what they can carry in their pockets or plan on leaving on the bus (a school bus). Students will not be able to go back and forth from the park to the bus. Valuables will be left on the bus and are not the responsibility of the school or the school district. The trip is only about 1.5 hours and you will not want to carry a lot as you go on and off rides, so please take that into consideration before you pack.