The Problem with Terrorism

At a military recruiting station in Chattanooga, Tennessee, muslim Mohammad Abdulazeez opened fire onto the recruiting station, luckily not injuring anyone. He than drove off to a nearby naval base and jumped out of his car with auto rifles and lots of ammunition. He than entered the base and killed one man on entry. He than went through the base and killed for more people. When he finally exited the base he was shot down by a soldier that went back to help the fight.

This shows that terrorism is to sune become a big problem in the us if something isn't done about it and so far what we have done as a nation is not enough to stop it. And the only time we can say we have done enuf is when we have stopped terrorism all together. Meaning that we as a nation have only began a long road and yet have far to go until we have completed are gols. And how knows if are goles will ever be reached?

Stopping Terrorism

Hillary Clinton states "This is a world wide fight and America must lead it. Are strategy should have three main elements. One defeat ISIS in Syria, Iraq and across the middle east. Two dismantle growing tarist infrastructure that facilitates the flow of fighters, finances arms and propaganda around the world. Three harden are differences and those of our allies against external and homegrown threats"(CNN, "Hillary Clinton calls for increased airstrikes on ISIS" [video]).

This shows that there are way to stop terrorism and that they will not just go away. So I support these general ideas on stopping terrorism. The main reason is because in the quote above it states that it is a world problem and the world needs to fix it. Not just the U.S. This time and on the other hand us americans can't just live in are little perfect world and forget the rest of the world. meaning that if we don't do something the problem won't get fixed and or are streets and back roads could turn into war zones because of terrorism in the U.S.

Terrorism In The U.S.?

Rep. Duncan Hunter claims that the border patrol officers had told him at least 10 ISIS terror suspects had been captured crossing the border, . . . Hunter says, “I should have been more careful talking about ISIS, as opposed to terrorist Turks or terrorist Syrians,”(CNN). . . “I don’t buy the idea that just because they’re good terrorists, this is a good thing for the United States of America,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said on CNN’s “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer on Friday night. He said he didn’t know whether Hunter’s claim about at least 10 ISIS-affiliated terror suspects crossing into the United States are accurate, but that “to suggest that a terrorist, a person with ISIS, would never do so would be naive.”


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