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a small piece of work

“Oh it looks like you returned, I wonder did you?” A Voice from above said to the girl down beneath.

“You should already know what happened, it was your fault!” The girl cried in a scream.

“My fault? I only own this place, that’s not my problem.” The Voice stated in a chuckle.

“Just tell me, what happened?” the Girl Proclaimed, looking for answers.

“Oh, you mean when you slaughtered a complete kingdom.” The Voice implied. “Or, how you transformed time itself? For one who should never have been, you really did make a mess.” The Voice Continued.

“No, I told you it wasn’t me!” She pled.

“Oh…. Then who? You were the only one alive in the kingdom.” The voice declared. “It was you who did this, it was you who destroyed what you hold dear. It was you who caused pain that never should have been.” The voice Seethed. “Maybe you’re not all that bad, you brought two young children to me. Oh wait that just makes your case inferior. All you did was Bring pain thousands, thus cause two suffer forever.

“SHUT UP, I HATE YOU!” the girl screamed, tears rolling down her face.

The echo seemed like it could carry on forever this deep dark abyss. A deep dark place that seemed like it could go on forever. All of any structures there once Broken, destroyed nothing was left. A place with no sky, the land is covered in an ankle high of black and purple fluid.

“Hate what is that? Remember hate, sadness, joy, none of them existent in Oblivion.” The Voice continued on, not even really caring about her at all.

“Oblivion? Existence?” The Girl keep thinking aloud. “That a Lie! I know what anger, love, and sadness is.” She finally let out.

“Illusion, they don’t belong here and if you keep believing in them this world will destroy you!” The Voice said showing no emotion after dropping down revealing oneself to her.

“You’re—“the Girl started to say when getting cut off. Wearing a face of confusion

“Yes that’s right Aria, I’m you.” The Figure added.

Aria began sinking to the ground full of dreadfulness. “No that’s impossible!” She cried out causing a new echo.

“Looks Like you’re slipping aria, I wonder are you sinking into Oblivion. Maybe a hand, would help?” The Figure Provoked toward her, handing his arm out.

“Ca-n’t React…” She Tried to Say, missing his hand and falling into Oblivion.

“Another Dud that just won’t do.” The Figure addressed. “Maybe, a new toy.”