Mrs. Epple's Class Newsletter

What's Going on...


*We took a diagnostic test called iready on Thursday. It was a test on the device that measured reading ability in 4 areas. It gave questions and then found the ceiling for what the child was able to do independently. The test will give us diagnostic information on strengths and weaknesses in foundational skills, phonemic awareness, vocabulary and comprehension. I will share results at our first conference.

**Since the children are working on the computers one night per week for homework and will be using them in class once they arrive in Nov., they need to know how to log on quickly. Please practice this at home. Their username and password are in their homework book on the inside of the front cover. It will make your child less stressed to be able to do this!

Dates to Remember and Reminders

  • Sept. 20 Identakid -ID photo taken of your child. Info coming home on Monday
  • Don't forget to collect box tops and send them in. Winning classes will get a prize each month.

Language Arts


This week we worked on l blends and retelling a story using key details. The children are learning routines and are settled in for the year. It is so much better to be on a schedule that is the same every day so the kids know what to expect and it hopefully relieves anxiety. I usually say it takes until Nov. 1 for the kids to be fine with the long day and we get Halloween out of the way. They are able to read and work independently so that I can work with individuals or small groups.

We have been doing a lot of writing in journals, response to literature, and a short writing diagnostic story. The children need to write to become better writers so we try to sound out words, use the resources int he room like a chart, the word wall, or the sight word list in their writing folder. As we learn new skills, we will look for them in their written work. You can reinforce beginning a sentence with an upper case letter and ending it with a punctuation mark.

Math- Unit 1 "How Many of Each"

We have been combining two numbers to find a sum using various strategies. We have gone over count on, use a number line, mental math, doubles, and draw a picture.


combine, greatest, least, compare, equation, strategies

Social Studies

This unit featured looking at land and water features that make up the world. We identified the continents and oceans. The children learned how to remember the cardinal directions by the saying "Never Eat Soggy Waffles". We made group maps of a park and included items from a map key.


human features, physical feature, compass rose, cardinal directions, landforms, geography, human characteristics, continent, oceans, map key, symbol

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Please contact me at my email below and I will get back to you. Do not use this for any dismissal info in case I don't see it before the end of the day.