Parent Guidance on Mask Use

S.M. Rissler Elementary

Parent Q&A on Mask Use at S.M. Rissler Elementary

Dear S.M. Rissler Parents and Families:

Face mask use will be required at S.M. Rissler Elementary this school year. This will look different in the elementary school setting. Below you will find some information to help you in preparing for the school year.

Does my PK-4 child wear a mask all day?

Students will not wear a mask in the regular cohort classroom where social distancing protocols can be followed. Students will wear a mask on the bus, during arrival/dismissal, and anytime they leave the cohort classroom. Masks will also be removed during breakfast, lunch and recess.

Will my child wear a mask during special classes (Art, Music, PE, Computers, Library, Gifted, Special Education, Title)?

If special classes are indoors and students move from their primary cohort classroom, masks will be worn. If any special classes are held outdoors and social distancing protocols can be met, students will be able to remove their masks. Strenuous activities will be avoided during PE if students are required to wear masks.

How many masks should I provide for my child?

We recommend at least 2. One will be worn when the student arrives to school, but a back-up should be sent in a sealed plastic bag kept in the backpack. If one gets dirty during the school day, we'll switch out the masks and send the soiled one home to be laundered. The school will be providing lanyards to help students keep track of their masks when not in use.

What type of mask should I purchase for my child?

A simple cloth face covering will reduce the spread of COVID-19 according to the CDC. The mask should fit snug around the mouth and nose area, so a child mask might be needed for younger children.

What if my child refuses to wear a mask or has an underlying health condition that prevents wearing a mask?

Talk to your child about the importance of wearing a mask and pick out masks together that they like to make it special. Practice wearing the masks before school starts for longer periods of time to get students use to wearing a mask. Staying positive and modeling perseverance will set your child up for success in wearing a mask. Students with an underlying health condition, please contact the building principal to discuss options.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Otto or Mrs. Todd at 660-359-2228.