Christopher Columbus

By Brooke Loalbo

Why did he travel to the Americas

Christopher Columbus first traveled to the Americas because he was trying to find a shorter route to the Indies (the spice islands). But instead he found the Americas. Columbus didn't know he found the Americas he thought he reached the Indies.

What Issues did Columbus and his crew have on their way to the Americas.

On the third day of the trip the rudder of the Pinta broke, the rudder was temporarily fixed until they reached Canary Island to fix it. They also started running out of food and water

Columbus Controversies

Columbus Killed over 1/2 a million Natives to the Americas. He also wasn't the first to discover the Americas, there were many natives, he only discovered it for the Europeans.

Good things Columbus did

The only good thing Columbus did was discover the Americas for the rest of the world.

Bad things Columbus did

Columbus did many bad things. To start off he was arrested for being a bad leader, then when he "discovered" the Americas he killed almost 1/2 a million Natives, and he would cut off their hands if they didn't pay their taxes. He also started the African salve trade in the Americas.
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