U.N.R.E.A.L Reading Test Strategy

By: Shelbie Graham

The U in U.N R.E.A.L

The U is the first step and it stands for Underlining the title. The reason this would be helpful on a quiz is the title can give you a good idea about what the passage is about.

The N In U.N R.E.A.L

The N is to number the paragraphs. This would be helpful because if one of the questions says to look back at a paragraph is the passage then you can find it quicker.

The R in U.N R.E.A.L

The R means to read the questions first, then the answers, and then the passage. This is helpful because when you are reading the passage you can see the answers to the questions.

The E in U.N R.E.A.L

The E means to elimate worng answers. This is helpful because it narrows down the correct answers to two or three.

The A in U.N R.E.A.L

The A stands for Answer the question fully. This is helpful because you will get the question wrong if you don't answer it fully.

The L in U.N R.E.A.L

The L stands for looking back into the passage for answers. This is helpful because you could make a wrong answer right.

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