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September 4: Weekly Schoology Notes and Tips

Schoology News and Notes

Happy Friday! This week's newsletter has lots of great information. Please read below to find out more about the following topics:

  • Schoology Lunch and Learn Sessions
  • Time Stamps for Assignments
  • Posting Lesson Plans and Tests
  • Workload Planning

Upper School Lunch & Learn Sessions

Upper School Teachers are invited to attend weekly Lunch & Learn sessions this month! Sessions are offered by each of the Upper School Schoology Coaches.

Friday, Sept 11:

Brad: Gradebook Tips and Tricks

Thursday, Sept 24:

Wilson: Using Rubrics to Make Grading Easier

Friday, Oct 2:

Tiffany: Discussion Boards Increase Engagement

Middle School Lunch & Learn Sessions

Middle School teachers will have a Lunch & Learn during grade level meetings the week after Sharp Top.

Topic: Creating Schoology Quizzes

Tuesday, Sept 22: 8th Grade Team Meeting

Wednesday, Sept 23: 7th Grade Team Meeting

Thursday, Sept 24: 6th Grade Team Meeting

Assignment Time Stamps

Please use 3:15 p.m. as the default time stamp for all your assignments.

The time stamp on assignments have caused some confusion among students and parents. In an effort to create a consistent time stamp for all assignments posted on Schoology, please time stamp your assignments to be due by 3:15 p.m. on the day they are due. This can be the default time for all assignments.

If this doesn't meet your needs, you can also choose to change the time stamp to the time your class meets, but because of the rotating schedule this can be tedious, so the 3:15 p.m. default is an easy solution.

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Posting Lesson Plans and Tests

It's Friday! Time to post your Lesson Plans to Schoology. Here are a few reminders:

  • When you copy your Lesson Plans into the Test Calendar course, be sure to choose your Lesson Plan folder so it saves inside your folder.
  • Copy all tests and quizzes to the Test Calendar course. Choose folder called "Test Calendar" when copying these assignments into the course.
  • When you copy a test or quiz, please change the assignment name to include an identifier for your class (Example: Eng: Unit 1 Test) and set a due date.
  • To change Test Dates in the Test Calendar course, open the calendar icon (next to the word "Upcoming") to drag and drop the test to a new date.
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Workload Planning

Trying to plan a test or an assignment? Use the Workload Planning feature to help!

This feature allows you to see a specific student's workload on a specific day, which can be very helpful when you are planning. To find it, open your course and look at the menu options on the left - one of them is called "Workload Planning." Once you select it, you can see each of your student's workload for a specific day. Click on the box with the number to view the assignments the student has due for the day listed.

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Thank You!

The Live Gradebooks have been a success this week. Thank you for taking the time to check your grades and support students and parents. If you have any questions from parents that you need clarification on, please let me know how I can help.

The Schoology coaches are also available to help you with Schoology when you need someone to come sit with you.

Have a great LONG weekend!