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April 20-24

Upcoming Dates

April 20-30

Milestones Testing for Third-Fifth Grade

  • Monday, April 20 ELA Sections I and II
  • Tuesday, April 21 ELA Section III
  • Thursday, April 23 Math Sections I and II
  • Tuesday, April 28 Science Sections I and II
  • Wednesday April 29 Social Studies Sections I and II

April 28

Starlight Skate Night 4:00-8:00 pm

May 4

Fifth Grade presents Peter Pan 7:00 pm at Centre for Performing and Visual Arts

May 7

Fifth Grade Career Day

May 8

Field Day

May 11

All library books are due

KIm Pelletier, Counselor Madras Middle School to visit Fifth Grade

May 18

Slip N Sliding into Summer

May 22 Last Day of School

Fifth Grade breakfast and awards 8:15 am

It's that time!

Parents & Students,

It’s hard to believe, but the time is here! I couldn't be any more proud of all the hard work every student has put in this year. Fifth grade is a big year with tons of new information and everyone has worked so hard all year long to learn and retain every bit of what they have been taught. I know y’all will blow this test away! J

Parents - You received a brown envelope with testing information yesterday. Please remember to return your brown envelopes no later than Thursday. :)

Students – this is the final stretch before the big game. Just a little farther and you’ll be there! It will be so worth it when you can look back and see how amazing you did! This is the time to push it one extra degree. Remember that one little word you picked in January? Think of what you need to do this week and next to push that extra step from good to great, from meets to EXCEED! Click below to watch a video and think about what you can do to push one more degree!

Milestone Reminders!

· Please do NOT bring cell phones, tablets, beeping watches, or any other electronic devices next week unless absolutely necessary. These will be collected each morning and returned each afternoon, as they cannot be in the testing environment.

· Get to bed early! Testing is long, so the last thing you want is to be tired before it even begins! Play outside each afternoon and get plenty of sleep each evening so your brain is ready to go!

· Eat a good breakfast! Don’t eat a breakfast loaded with sugar. Make sure your breakfast is full of protein and vitamins to keep you going all morning. Snacks will not be allowed during the test.

· Don’t stress! You’ve got this! You have learned everything you need and you’ve spent the last few weeks perfecting it. No worries! Just get ready to do your best. J

Milestone Testing Schedule

April 20-30 Milestones Window

  • Monday April 20th - Reading/ELA Parts 1 & 2
  • Tuesday April 21st - Reading/ELA Part 3 (writing)
  • Thursday April 23rd - Math
  • Tuesday April 28th - Science
  • Wednesday April 29th - Social Studies

Extra days are built in for make-up testing, should any students be absent on the day of a test. We will be reviewing on those days for the upcoming section. Due to retests, testing will take place each day throughout these two weeks, so we will be reviewing or have quiet activities following testing to not disrupt any students testing around our rooms. In addition, parent volunteers cannot be present during these weeks since testing will be taking place. Thank you for your help with this!!

Milestone Prep at Home

  • IXL for extra practice on skills that students are not yet confident with (P.6 is always a great one!)
  • Review example constructed responses on Edmodo.
  • Reviewing flipped videos, games, and additional practice in the "extra practice" group on Edmodo
  • Reading each night and reviewing classwork
  • Rest & Relax - you've got this! :)

Spelling list


IXL Skills


Fraction word problems (p.6)

Review Skills:

Multiplication & Division - all

Mixed Operation Word Problems P.2

Order of Operations – Q.1

Exponents – Q.12 & Q.13

Algebra – Q.3, Q.4, Q.7, Q.11

All skills involving decimals

Fractions: L.1 - L.12

Add and Subtract Fractions

Multiply Fractions

Divide Fractions

Scaling - N.17-19

Geometry - B.1-7

Area & Perimeter B.15-22

Volume B.24-27

Metric Conversions W.7-12

Customary Conversions W.1-6 & 13-16

Line Plots (S.12)

Coordinate Graphing (R.1-6)

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