Nursing: A Vital Career

Born to Care

A Tradition of Caring

Becoming a nurse gives you the responsibility of handling patient's medical files, which include their previous medical histories and symptoms. You are able to administer medication and treatments to those in need. As a nurse, you have the privilege of helping patients manage their illnesses or injuries by running series of diagnostic tests. However, Nursing is far more than just physically helping people. You are able to make people as comfortable as possible during the hardships they ensue. Additionally, you must have a very cheery personality to be a nurse and that kind of attitude rubs onto the patients and may even alleviate their pain or suffering.

"Save one life, you're a hero. Save 100 lives, you're a nurse."

The Heart of the Hospital

As a nurse, you get the opportunity to work in state, local, and even private hospitals! Other specialized nurses are employed in residential care facilities, physician's offices, in private homes, or with the government.

Road to Being a Registered Nurse

To officially become a nurse, you must receive a Bachelor's in Science and Nursing (BSN). These degree programs include clinical experience and additional education in communication, critical thinking, and leadership. Furthermore, you must pass the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX-RN). ~ "The character of a nurse is as important as the knowledge she possesses." Carolyn Javis

More Than Just a Paycheck

The median wage for registered nurses is $65, 470. However, you are always able to take your education further with higher degrees in order to increase your salary. If that isn't encouragement enough, the top 10% of registered nurses made over $94,720! In the end, helping people is rewarding enough and the salary is just a bonus.

Job Outlook

Fortunately, employment in this field of expertise is expected to grow 19% by the year 2022. This is outstanding considering how difficult job opportunities are for other people in different fields. The reason for the increase in outlook is because all of the babies born during the Baby Boom time period are getting older and retiring, and needing more assistance.